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Monday 20 September 2010

WET (19/09/10)

The rain that was promised has arrived. Bouncing off the truck roof for most of the night so at first light we set off on the five minute walk to the waterfall. Now I am not very good at church windows or waterfalls so you will just have to bear with me. Not very good at cleaning lenses either, in this environment one needs a glass polisher or two.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Hardraw Beck was rushing down past our camp, things were looking good.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Hardraw Scar was dripping wet, things are looking better or should that be wetter?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Our first sight, what a difference a drop of rain can make, our first peek of the base of Hardraw Force. Kevin Costner really would be a super hero to take a wash under this lot.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A few yards further on and a little more comes into view.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA One hundred feet of what a proper waterfall should look like spray everywhere the noise deafening.  It set my heart a pounding, drenching me, the camera and both dogs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   It’s still pouring with rain so we will have another wander up this afternoon.

After a grand lunch and a couple of pints we headed back to the falls. As I predicted they are better and certainly wetter. I was beginning to think that two pints were two too many. All the rushing water and a tummy full of beer was not conducive to a contented state of well being. Now I don’t buy a Sunday paper  but have noticed the advertisements they carry so if anyone out there has a recent copy could you please e-mail me the address of a reliable purveyor of incontinence pants. Promise! I will credit this kindness on the very next post!! IN LARGE CASE.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The light is perfect, the beck is magical……………………………..

image   The peat from the moors above giving a superb golden hue.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A combination of spray, light and my incompetence not showing it off to it’s best. It does have an ethereal quality, I may print this one.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA wild and wet location three wipes of the lens and two of my specs for every shot. Time to backtrack and walk up the other side. I’ll be posh and say…………………….

“The West Bank.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is not my favourite but comes close……….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  This one is my best attempt. By no means have I sussed this waterfalling but I am pleased with this shot.

I couldn’t leave you in ‘suspenders’. Had to show the whole job lot from this side.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m just not not good enough. I can do bits well but not the entirety. The water speeds up on it’s descent so what is the right shutter speed at the beginning is too slow at the end. If I remember correctly it’s acceleration is thirty two feet per second every second. I have no means of determining it’s speed but it is going fast over the top which must play in my favour. Not enough in my favour. OK for those of  an inquisitive mien I didn’t get any bottom shots I was happy with.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        I’m usually a sucker for a decent bottom shot. Trial and many errors have determined that the best results were obtained at shutter speeds of between 1/100sec and 1/200sec. To achieve these speeds and keep noise down  meant having the aperture wide open.

It’s still persisting it down so we will have another stroll up in the morning and then for those losing interest in falling water I’m off to shoot a bevy of scantily clad girls……………………I wish……..bet half of you lot do too!

No…. tomorrow is much more mundane……..laundry! We have not done with waterfalls yet, Ayesgarth falls await us in the future. It seems to be the rainy season!! I love it. The camera refuses to focus, poor mite tries for water droplets on the filter, I can’t use manual cos me glasses is caked. Oh to be young but I’m not so have to be what I am and you can tolerate my ineptitude or not. It’s the beauty of the blog, one never has to face ones audience. I love this place.




  1. Looks as though lighting was not ideal but you did a great job, description and photos, to share the experience. It reminds me of Malyan Spout in Goathland, Yorkshire which can be treacherous to reach in wet weather.

  2. I love your stream of consciousness writing Adrian. Laughing all the way through this one. Incontinence, incompetence and suspenders all in one post. How do you do it?!

  3. John It could have done with being a couple of stops brighter but sunlight is worse blown highlights everywhere. I was at Malyan a year ago, there were too many trees whwn I was there.

    Katherine If I knew how I did it i would be a wealthy man. I have come to the sad conclusion I'm a lunatic.......No i do not have a certificate to prove it......yet!

  4. You've caught Hardraw on a good day. I can count the number of occasions I have visited these falls on one hand and this is the most impressive I've seen. I think the picture that you like best is outstanding.

  5. J on Tour. It was a great day for me one does need water for a fall. Thanks for the complement. I'm not there yet but using filters and speed I'm learning.

  6. Well, I am in love, in love with your waterfall.

  7. Some excellent images there Adrian. You've certainly caught the power and force of the water in them.

  8. Bob, so am I. Wish it were mine at £2.00p a go to see it it is a gold mine.

    Keith, thanks, it's well worth a look any time but in spate it is living art.

  9. I knew sooner or later you'd find some waterfalls and show me how it's done. Your photos are wonderful the way they capture the power of the falls.

  10. I haven't been close to a waterfall like that in many years, I can only imagine it cannot be easy to capture it. I think I like the one through the trees + the following one (your own favourite) the best.

  11. Darn tricky bottoms. ;o)

    I really love the third shot you posted, how the background is all blurry/misty and you have focused on a spot of rushing water in the foreground. It's interesting and really pretty!

    Have fun girls I mean laundry! lol!

  12. As usual you have mixed entertainment with (whatever you might say - and might even think) superb photographs. Don't forget that in being so hard on yourself you are being even harder on those of us who don't aspire to your dizzy levels.

  13. Pauline it is done by trial and error. I;ve not really found a method.

    Dawntreader, This one was in superb form, it is though a very wet business.

    Krista, focussing at all was a bonus.

    GB, about once a week I look at professionals work, puts me right in my place. Two local to here are Joe Cornish and Geoff Perry both worth a look.