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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

FOR THE RECORD (11/01/11)

I would like to thank you all for your concern…….unnecessary but it is quite gratifying to be missed. Never thought that I had anyone left that cared. Normally I say if I’m expecting to be out of range of the internet but previously I’ve piggybacked the Old Hill Inn’s connection so did not anticipate not posting. They have a new router that is playing up. Sorry about that.

The next item is altogether more serious………….The unelected clowns we have running the country have decided to sell off our national forests. This is probably the daftest course of action that any politician has ever contemplated though I admit there are numerous contenders for this honour.

I was going to ask all who are against this proposal to stick your hands up but bearing in mind their education they would most likely enjoy it. The alternative is to click this link SAVE OUR FORESTS and sign the petition.

Last week was not all doom and gloom there were several bright spots and here are a few pictures to prove or disprove it depending what you think of the snaps.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      An old lime kiln………….I have swapped the sky in this as the original was blown to hell and back.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    A panorama with Whernside in the cloud.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   West Fell with mist blowing in………..within ten minutes we experienced near white out conditions. Changeable I seem to recall forecasters calling it…Not what I called it!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Old Hill Inn………Tomorrow we are going to Dent for a few days…………No internet there as far as I know, then back here for the weekend.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Ribblehead Viaduct…………..taken on a post Sunday lunch wander.

That’s all for today……………..Don’t forget the Forests……………All against stick your hands up!!…….In the Air please.


  1. A great set of pictures Adrian; and of course you were missed ;)

    I signed the petition a few days ago. I can't believe any so called government could even contemplate such a stupid idea.

  2. Great pic's, Love the light in the Viaduct shot.
    These people selling off our heritage, at what cost? at what cost?

  3. I very much like your kiln and the viaduct and the West Fell picture with those tree silhouettes. Good luck with saving your forests!

  4. Bob, thanks, the weather is very anti photographs at the moment.

    Trevor, Jolly good the more the merrier.

    Keith, It came as a bit of a surprise and thanks. Stupid avaricious people are by their nature going to come up with daft ideas. The buggers can afford their own woods at our expense.

    Kipling, good to see you back. At immense cost and it's not just the politicians the blasted Bishops are at it too. At least they should end up in purgatory for their sins.

    Monica, glad you enjoyed. They'll rail road it through if they desire to. Greedy devils.

  5. Here's another finger or two up - well petition signed anyway.

    The old lime kiln made a good subject with the way it is built into the hillside.

  6. Great countryside and pictures. Must look out for the Old Hill Inn next time I'm there, I seem to have missed it on a few previous occasions. Last time I passed here was in September, it was a disappointing low cloud and wet day, thanks for reminding me of what I missed.. speaking of which, so were you.

  7. John, the more that sign the merrier. They are already leasing woodland and have been for a long time. I feel that as many Conlibbers are living next door to forest it will come to nought. They haven't thought it through..........Difficult for them thinking......one has to be blessed with the equipment for rational thought.
    Lime Kilns were usually built into hills so they could get at the top to load them.

    Jay, one of the best pubs around if you enjoy the surreal. It used to be the start and finish for the Three Peaks before that moved to Horton. There is a Bunk House just down the road. I'll try and remember to get the phone number this weekend.

  8. I knew you were back and, like the rest, am heartily glad all's well. I've been away too but at least I had a signal.

    I've never been in The Old Hill Inn - just passed. The problem with Inns is that they serve alcohol and I'm always driving. Bummer really. From the last post it looks a reet good place to settle down (I think that's an appropriate pun).

  9. Graham, never worry. Get a shover sorry chauffeur, or better still a camper and park it up. Signals were always going to be a problem but it gets better by the day.