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Sunday 26 May 2019

Cria y el Jefe.

It's the start of a new week. Last week was pretty good, our PM resigned but she hasn't gone yet. She is a pitiful creature, no ability whatsoever but then the rest of Westminster are cast from much the same cloth. Impossible as it is to believe many are far worse.
Yesterday I decided to get some snaps of the baby Alpacas. Cria they are called and they live in a mixed menagerie consisting of sheep, goats and a couple of Shetland Ponies.
Strange but attractive little creatures.

 The brown and white one is the boss or thinks he is. He tries his best to intimidate folk but doesn't spit or kick, not yet anyway. He contents himself with stamping his feet and edging closer to you. He then stops at about six feet and hopes you will run. Silly Alpaca. EL Jefe indeed.
It is difficult to take anything that looks so ridiculous seriously. I suspect that was half May's problem, I have a sneaking feeling that the Alpaca could have done a better job.
Have a good week, I'm going to see Mark Knopfler this evening and have a camera shutter to investigate sometime today. I'll hit it with some new firmware and hope that does the trick. If not I'll resort to a small hammer.

Have fun.


  1. geweldig zo.n gemengd gezelschap maar wel heel fotogeniek.

  2. Ah. Mark Knopfler. One of my favourites. Have a great time.

    1. Graham, I really enjoyed it. I last saw him live in about 1982. By gum he's aged but is still one of the greats. The average age of the audience must have been seventy so the only totty about were carers.