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Wednesday 1 May 2019


A fellow Blogger posted some really strange art yesterday.  You can see it here: CRO MAGNON.  What amazed me most was the appalling photography, panning across a moving image is something to be avoided unless you want to make folk ill. Having thought it crap I got to thinking and came up with this. I did consider it as a title sequence but have knocked that idea on the head. Perhaps I'm being hasty, if Jesus Sato could make money out of rubbish then maybe all is not lost and I could too. This took some juggling in Blender 2.80 Beta as it would not accept more than 250 frames and for Blender pedants I did go into object and up the frames there. Nor would it accept the vertex thingy in the proper order. I wish I could understand the script writers as you can log into Blender developers and give them your twopenneth. They do reply but their answer is far too complikated for me to understand. I am not a recognised complikated person. I am a Muppet but not quite special needs, however in the company of code writers I am very thick. Brilliant they are and they do not suffer fools. Quite right they are, if I want to communicate effectively with them I have to learn their language.* 

I think with a video strip, rather than a still image, of seaside behind it would work. Doubt it would qualify as art. Kinetic or otherwise. 
This computer malarkey can get very complex. I love it.  The observant will notice that there is no perspective in this bit of video. I found that you can set the the camera to orthographic. Who would have thunk it.
What a difference an orthographic view makes. In the second screen grab I have highlighted the orthographic bit. Why Blender just don't title the box zoom I have no idea. I guess it is to make life interesting.
Have fun.
* I am old but know a lot of bits of a lot of things. I do know that we have enough folk below the productive median of intelligence without importing more. What are our leaders doing? Makes me think they want us to think they are competent.


  1. Certainly easier on the stomach than that clip from Cro Magnon, Adrian!

    1. Richard, this is version three the first two were a little violent.

  2. Replies
    1. John, just a bit of fun but I like looking at it.