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Wednesday 22 May 2019


I have had a good day today despite one or two challenges. Some were annoying, some amusing. Last night I made a curve rope for the clock but when I convert to a mesh it all but stops the computer. I have always tried to use Monsieur Bezier's curves when modelling stuff as they are really quick for curvy things, what I would do without he and Mr Boole I don't know. Fortunately I don't have to find out as their genius is embedded in the software I use. I just press buttons.
I had problems when I converted my rope to a mesh, it has a somewhat wonky lay, not to Bridport standards. As you can see if you enlarge the above the bake was taking silly time and ridiculous amounts of memory. I suspect Blender 2.80 Beta. This is the rope as a curve.
It's not too shabby and would be fine for video. The cutting in is normal as far as I can tell, it's caused by the original curve. I could try adding collision to the Bezier circles that I used to create the strands. Only just thought of that.

This government made my blood boil today, it is obviously not fit to run a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise, nor could it afford to. The gurning, amoral spastic we have as PM is a national disgrace. They cock up everything they touch despite there being hundreds of thousands of them, millions if one adds in quangos. I dread to think how many folk it takes to teach incompetently, cure folk or kill them, add up rates, consider planning applications but I do know how many it takes to cut a grass verge. Five. One with a mower, a supervisor and three standing about doing lord knows what. I suspect the problem lies with the numbers and lack of accountability. OpenReach Just pull up in a van and do complicated things down a hole in the grass verge. Takes just the one man. I never saw the grass cutters van but a pound to a penny it has a driver and some bloke riding shotgun.

I am in charge of the campsite this week and had a couple of vans arriving. Could I get the computer to pop electric onto their pitches could I buggery. Maybe it isn't Blender. Happen I should ask for a consultant or ten. Hide my incompetence in numbers.

I went to see a lame cow first thing. She had a calf so I grabbed it, tied it to the front of the truck and then tied her and winched her to the back of the pickup, hobbled her with a bit of rope and gave her the baby back. What had I done but hobble the poorly foot. I went through the whole rigmarole again but visa versa with the hobbling, it took twice as long as she was wise to my subterfuge. I trimmed her hoof and she was so grateful I got a bash in the ribs for my surgical ministrations. Ungrateful beast. I'm getting too old for such shenanigans. I'll get some consultants in next time.

Last job before writing this was I had to go and pop the twenty tonne excavator on a low loader. That went like a dream as I wasn't driving either the low loader or the backhoe. God shines on righteous machines.
Have fun and if you can vote for Farage, he is far from perfect, in fact a bit of a twat but better than any alternative.

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