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Wednesday 29 May 2019


What a weekend, it was brilliant. 
I went to see Mark Knopfler at the SEC on Sunday night. He will always be a favourite of mine. The band were superb all eleven of them, no synthetic or tracked backing and a really good set comprising old favourites and some new or old folky stuff. He did the Robert Plant and Alison Krause song Sailing to Philadelphia. I didn't expect that, nor did I expect to be one of the youngest there, the average age looked to be about seventy, I may be wrong, I'm sixty nine. The downside was sitting on hard seats for a couple of hours and the lack of nubile totty. Glamorous young ladies always provide the icing on the cake at such events. At any events where I to be honest. (I was a tad disappointed not to see any at a laser cutter demo a couple of weeks ago, only hairy arsed welders doing their best to assimilate G-Code). There were a few lovelies but they were the carers (Carers for the punters not for Mark Knopfler). I wonder what they made of it? It could be improved by being unplugged but then I very much doubt I could afford to go. The SEC venue is excellent, it's big but not so big that giant TV screens have to be erected so that one can see.
Now then, now then, the EUSSR election business. What a result. I know that I and all the folk voting for the Brexit party are total ignoramuses, quite possibly Fascist and racist. I have also realised that if you add all the remain contingent together then the Brexit party didn't win at all. I fear that the only way Socialists will win is by adopting good old Socialist policies. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao had the right idea.....Kill decedent dissenters and pop moderates to work on the land to feed the less than committed folk slaving in the tractor factories. Nasty silly buggers are Socialists. Their constant refrain being that we need proper socialism. I've seen it and no thank you. Globalism is possibly worse but the two are brother and sister. They argue as siblings do but defend each other when confronted.
At long last the Hawthorne is in bloom. Here is a composite in white.
White Pony, White Blossom.
I'm not an artist, more an anarchist but if anyone wants a quick way of separating fine hairs then I can do a quick HOWTO using the background eraser in PShop. This took five minutes and could be perfect but that would take an hour. Not worth the bother for an artistic, autistic imbecile like me.
Have fun.


  1. 'I don't like definitions, but if there is a definition of freedom, it would be when you have control over your reality to transform it, to change it, rather than having it imposed upon you. You can't really ask for more than.'Mark Knopfler
    I like the white pony in the middle of those white flowers , but it has a lot of hair :)

    1. I agree Daliana. I'll give the pony a hair cut.

  2. Just catching up after a stay in the Outer Hebrides, Adrian.

    Mark Knopfler - one of the great musical innovators and a great favourite of mine! Robert Plant is up there too, and Alison Krauss is pretty fine as well Rather fond of the Plant/Krauss 'Raising Sand' album. Regretably, never seen Mark live.