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Sunday 12 May 2019


After cursing like a trooper I eventually got lucky and got Unopenreach to upload the latest stable version of FreeCAD. In the meantime I also realized that the gear add-on is not what the clever folk are using. I had a look on GitHub and found a macro that adds a gear workbench. These can be a pain to load but what I do is unzip the file, cast my eye over the resulting gobbledegook then open up FreeCAD in my programmes file and look for mod. It may be hidden so click show hidden files. Then I guess you could just copy and paste the whole unzipped thingy into mod. There is quite a lot of rubbish in these files like readme and licence, all superfluous junk. I just grab the bits I hope are relevant copy and paste those in. If anyone would like a HOWTO then just ask. What I do seems to work but I am a bit of a Muppet when it comes to computers.**
Brand new FreeCAD. Now all I have to do is get my head round it and get back to my clock. The new start page is  challenge.
This is the Gear Workbench which gives much more flexibility. Whether or not I can make it perform remains to be seen.

This morning I had a trip out macroing. There was a dearth of subjects but things are looking better.
 A successful clock. I usually take a couple of shots of something inanimate as it helps me get my eye in and check exposure. This dandelion is way ahead of me on the clock business.

Two St. Marks's flies. These will enlarge to at least twice, maybe three times this size. Not the most prepossessing of insects but the first I've seen this year. They do have hairy eyes and attractive feet.
The star of the outing was this wonderful moth.

I think this may be a Gold Spot Moth but I'm far from sure. It made my morning whatever it is.

** PS. There must be a posh way of loading such applications. GitHub is a wonderful free repository for stuff but it can take a few goes to get them to install. They do have an instruction page but I've never been able to make head nor tail of it. (They are developed by super intelligent versions of me. Altruists. Being a thick tightwad has disadvantages.) When you succeed in loading them they are as good or better than paid for Apps. You can't do any harm as long as you virus scan the files. I usually forget and to be honest a firewall shouldn't interfere with their installation. 

The more you play and fail the more you learn.


  1. Not sure I'm keeping up with all this clocky tech stuff Adrian...looking forward to seeing the end result though.
    And now you've posted something I can get my head around!....that's a cracker of a moth (not one that I've seen yet though!) it's a Pine Beauty (Panolis flammea) The St. Mark's fly is a male..the female has small eyes....[;o)

    1. Thank you Trevor. That makes sense as it was under a Scots Pine. It really made the day, I was lucky it was just crawling around.

  2. Now that's better. The moths don't make my head hurt and I can understand them and admire the photos!

    1. Graham, I will try for some more macros but the CAD stuff is far from over. I find it stimulating. I must be a little weird.

  3. Super macro work Adrian. That moth's a real cracker - never seen one of those!

    1. Richard, the lens is a gem for such things. People used to moan about the MP-E65 but I have always enjoyed it.