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Wednesday 15 July 2009


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tuesday is bin day in Tideswell. Now this might not seem a particularly momentous event, it is round here! Due to a combination of narrow lanes and large refuse collection vehicles we have to take our bins to the nearest street wide enough to accommodate the bin lorry. This, first thing in the morning, causes no end of nagging, bickering and general domestic disharmony. Some years ago the children were doing creation at school. This being creation as in God doing his bit for six days and putting his feet up on the seventh. The headmistress at the time decided to divide the pupils into groups giving each a day to write about. One small child wrote the following.

' It is Tuesday today and God got up early, he created a ferment sic, with the heavens above and the earth below. He threw some stones at next doors cat, they missed and went to heaven and made stars. When he had done with the sky he started on the earth after a whole day he got it about done. And on top of all that it was bloody bin day.'

For some unknown reason it wasn't posted on the work board.

At a total loss for a theme for today, a tenuous link I realize but here are a few views of our church. The first is an HDR image, the second taken literally seconds later is a standard exposure. These are for you Tricia.

P7146354_3_2_1_0_edited-1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


There are two curiosities in the church yard, a few more than that of an evening. The first is a memorial with a distinctly nautical theme. This dates from the early 19th century and we are pretty much as far from the sea as one can get in England. The latter is a sundial, nothing odd about that, there is with this one, the gnomon is eight feet off the ground!

The next few images are experimental, just playing with a wide angle lens trying to keep one true vertical or horizontal in the frame. Will look again at these in a day or so, me suspects there may be possibilities. I apologise for the quality, was not really on the ball yesterday. Nearly locked up, lying on my back in the rain pointing a camera at the church, explained to bewildered tourists, 'Tis OK, just imagination.' Thanks again for that Tricia.



The last image is a touch disturbing, needs a certificate, so does it's creator!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Just goes to prove, owners do start to resemble their pets. Not imagination this, just plain barking mad!

All the best for Wednesday, giving more rain for today so may have to do a blog of out takes.


  1. LOL.. that last shot made me laugh out loud. Very well done but a bit weird :)

    The church and grounds are beautiful. I need to look into HDR. I keep hearing about it lately and don't even know what it is.

  2. What a post! Imagination you are not short of. ;) Wow! I see what you mean about HDR. I'm spending a lot of time trying to get a handle on all this--- but old brains are slower than newer ones.

    "... just plain barking mad!" Between that line and the last image I had the best laugh I've had for awhile. Thank you.

  3. http://adriansimages.blogspot.com/2009/05/half-alive-tree-think-positive-thoughts.html
    Thanks both, Faye have a look here and also in my sidebar under Dan Norcott. For images type in HDR on Flickr search box. I'll do a proper HDR (High dynamic Range) blog when I get Snagitt up and running again. Didn't pay for it and am currently barred. Should be shareware anyway tis only posh print screen. Adrian.

  4. Great post Adrian.
    Our bin day is Wednesday, or should be called 'bag' day. No wheelie bins here yet.

    Some interesting pictures there, especially the one with the gargoyles. I do like that.
    Good shot of Molly too lol