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Monday 6 July 2009


As I mentioned a week or so ago, the area I live in used to be at the bottom of the sea. The local rock is Limestone and comprises millions of fossilised corals and other marine life. A while later it became a large river delta and sedimentary rocks were deposited over the limestone. we are now left with two quite distinct types of terrain known as the White Peak and the Dark Peak. Saturday I decided it was time to visit the Dark Peak. The light was nothing special, the midges made up for it, breathing the wretched things. Even have one in the camera somewhere. At least it's not on the sensor, not on the mirror so must be on the prism.

P7045609_8_7_6_5_edited-1 LONGSHAW PREDAWN

The mist is following Burbage Brook, very odd it kept bubbling up. Must have been some warm rocks under the mist.


The sky was almost cloudless Saturday morning, so the light was nothing special. this is the best of a bad lot. Could have done with a warming filter, that's my next purchase. I'm giving Photoshop a rest today or could have done the job on the computer.

P7045674_3_2_1_0_edited-1 SUN UP BURBAGE EDGE

P7045684_3_2_1_0_edited-1 MIST IN THE DERWENT VALLEY

Just noticed, that's me in the bottom left, thought I'd checked too, goes to show what thought did. Ho Hum, Bother, Blow! The clone tool will have some more work.

P7045634_3_2_1_0_edited-1 ANOTHER DAY

I hate blown skies, I'm blaming the midges, hard to concentrate whilst being eaten alive. The sky could always be changed but there has to be some restraint. It's difficult to know with this one, I like the flare round the foreground rocks but the more I look the more I know it will end up in the bin.

The pictures today are alternate HDR and normal single exposure, no need to explain which are which. I didn't believe this and I bet you won't either; had criticism, always welcome good or bad, from a continental gentleman. He suggested that my HDR's weren't saturated enough. Soon fix that for him. But not today!

P7045540_39_38_37_36_edited-1 BEFORE ANOTHER DAY

Thirty two minutes between these last two images, what a difference half an hour makes. It's the difference between amateur and professional. The latter would have found this frame for his sunrise then just waited. I on the other hand, displaying the concentration span of a Fruit Fly, flit about over half the moor missing the good shots.

That's it, all the best.


  1. I always look forward to seeing your posts. You have such an amazing landscape to shoot. I just love that second shot.

  2. Yes, I'm very very lucky, tend to take it for granted. All the shots over the past few post are within 12 miles radius of home. We also have weather this both helps and hinders.

  3. My eyes are quite impressed with the HDR format. Love what you did with the after shot! Very nice :)