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Wednesday 8 July 2009


What a day was yesterday, not fit to put the dog out! Though it's advisable unless one wants to spend an hour with a shovel, mop and bucket.

Thunder storm after thunder storm tracked through. this created some really lovely light. Something I found difficult to appreciate till I got home and looked at the exposures, loads of rubbish, one or two acceptable or at least recoverable. Enough for today's post.....I Hope! Difficult stuff to photograph is rain, I'll give the matter some serious thought. Reminds me of a little ditty.

'There are holes in the sky that let rain in,

These holes are small,

That's why rain is thin.' Spike Milligan.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA BRIGHT IN PATCHES The observant among you will have noticed the walls round here. They are dry stone walls, no mortar, basically two rows of rough stone, the gap in the middle is filled with the chippings and waste stone, through stones are laid according to the whim of the waller and the whole finished off with a single row of capping stones. Every three feet of wall contains approximately a ton of stone and a skilled waller lays around a yard a day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA AS YOU CAN SEE THEY DON'T LAST FOR EVER Having said that these are hundreds of years old, repaired regularly or otherwise depending on grants, the wealth of the land owner or his propensity for hard labour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA RAIN IN THE DISTANCE Sorry about the foreground, could be a wee bit sharper. The grassy hummocks are the remains of old lead workings, Mostly Calcite and Flour Spar waste left when the Galena was extracted. Galena is not pure lead but a lead oxide, Hey rusty lead!


Finally, though I use Olympus stuff, I have no really strong feelings on brands. I defy anyone to look at an A4 print and tell me whether it was taken on a Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Olympus or, with modern image interpolation software, a mobile phone. I have always had Olympus cameras and am far too set in my ways to learn to use anything else. That said Canikonites, do this..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Great is the E-3, you can shoot all day in the rain.

You will need a new camera a day, mind you!!

Seriously they are water proof, even mud proof, this one has also been dropped, though I expect even the most diehard Olympus representative would baulk at the latter treatment. Provisos; don't change lenses in the rain and only Pro rated and Top Pro Zuiko lenses are waterproof.

That's all. I may be busy with the Ark today but fear not I'll still take some snaps. All the best.


  1. The walls are wonderful-- as is the light in the first photo. The rain produces such lovely country. I will keep your words in mind as I will be camera shopping soon.

  2. Thanks for coming by Tricia. keep the old camera. I always buy second hand, about half price. On DSLRs you can always tell how much work they have done. It varies from model to model and brand to brand. You start by switching on and opening the card door, then a load of key strokes. Tells you the life the camera has had even down to sensor cleaning, a hazardous business. Probably better to stick with market leaders. Cameras haven't yet reached maturity so all have good and bad points. could go on for ever there are a few good review websites.

  3. Great shots - don't know what you're moaning about. Whinger! I'm also impressed with the Olympus being rainproof. I've never tried that on my cameras but can assure you that Pentax used to bounce very well and my digital Sony's have both done so!

  4. Captured the stormy weather really well Adrian.
    Dear old Spike; I miss his humour, and my jaw dropped when I saw that wet camera lol

  5. Holdingmoments, great for dragging through muck and reliable, don't have the features of Canon/Nikon. Standard lenses are not that sharp but top end Zuiko are great. The small sensor blows highlights at the drop of a hat. Hence my fascination with HDR. No good to you though a prime Zuiko 300mm would do so would 5K no doubt.

  6. Scriptor, I want to capture sheets of driving rain.
    After all that's what's falling on me. Sorted out how to do it I think, pitch dark, black back cloth, flash with snoot to one side and a garden hose. Separate the water and the job should be a good un. Pop it on top of any image.