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Thursday 9 July 2009


Twenty four hours later and the last of the weather fronts is moving away. No Ark building required, so went looking for old fence posts. Annoying there are such textured pieces of old timber over in Oregon and California. Don't take offence or should that be affence. If someone posted a picture of a skip and it was from Staffordshire, I would be duty bound to find a better skip locally. Staffordshire is only ten miles away! (Skip translates as Dumpster). Sadly Even with chocolate box processing, I can't get transatlantic weather, nor are my sticks up to American standards.

redbutts pan HARDLY A CLOUD IN THE SKY A view from the same position as yesterday give or take a yard..... I can see for miles. There are many wet areas in the UK. Manchester twenty miles to the north of here, the Lake District and the Western Isles to name but a few. All have a variation on the expression; 'If you can see the horizon it's about to rain, if you can't it is raining.'

P7085994_3_2_1_0_edited-1 STICK, STONE AND SHEEP CONFETTI

P7085999_8_7_6_5_edited-1SAME STICK DIFFERENT STONE

P7085989_8_7_6_5_edited-1 DIFFERENT STICK AND DIFFERENT STONE Suspect I've flogged this to death, certainly taken it a few more miles than it deserves.

hinge HINGE AND PINTLE. I look at things like this and ponder upon the man who made it, his lifestyle and the conditions he must have endured. Even the nut is hand made. When I was doing my apprenticeship I would have got this one back and sharpish! Couldn't even manage to centre the hole.There is a perfect web in the bottom right hand corner of the photograph. Forgot my glycerine spray so it's hard to see, just goes to show never, travel light. This almost fills the frame, some of the article on composition must have been absorbed.

Looks as if we are in for a good dawn so will drag my weary bones to Magpie Mine, see what inspiration that engenders, notice we have a moon, so brace yourselves for pictures of it!

That's it All the best.


  1. I can see the web. Woohoo! Didn't know about using spray on webs--thanks for that. The second and last are easily my favorites. Magpie Mine-- that sounds like one of our sophisticated California names.

  2. Each of these photos is breathtaking, Adrian. The second one I especially love with the storm and the rocks and the sheep. VERY well done.

    I am not in the least territorial about my old fence posts here in Oregon.. lol I do hope you find some better ones. Besides these rock fences have way more texture than the wooden ones.

  3. Get A bottle of glycerine dilute with water a bit, and spray on grass, flowers, etc. instant dew! You should be proud of old wood and anything else local. Even if the pride is irrational, nothing wrong with chauvinism. Gives folk something to laugh at. Thanks both.

  4. Another superb set of photos. Beginning to get jealous...
    One of the local folk here (Outer Hebrides) said to me the other day "It's a bad sign when you can see the mainland". The next day I pointed out we couldn't see it. "MMmm - yes, the weather's closing in all right," she said. Your point proved, I think!

  5. These 'sticks and stones' are stunning with this treatment Adrian; especially the hinge and pintle.

  6. You are setting some tough acts to follow.

  7. Thanks one and all, tomorrows is a struggle!!

  8. Whoopee. There's going to be a tomorrow!