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Tuesday 7 July 2009


Sunday morning, arose bleary eyed at three fifteen, checked the forecast, put the coffee on and got dressed. The forecast was for broken cloud so flushed with Saturdays disappointment decided to head out for another dawn pointy, clicky session. Woke the dog, she was about as enthusiastic as I. What's with the silly old duffer; I could feel her thinking. OK once in a while a night hike, two days on the trot, where is the attraction? All we seem to do is frighten sleeping sheep, upset dozing cattle, fall over things and fall into things. The situation degenerated further upon opening the door, it was raining, almost turned back but glancing to the north east could discern a lightening in the sky, only a shower, come on dog let's go.

white edge dawn FIRST LIGHT WHITE EDGE

Was reading an article in one of the online photographic magazines, pretty good most of them are.....they are free! For those who think that Scotsmen are mean all I can say is you've never met a Yorkshireman. Free goes an awfully long way. Digression over, the article was all about composition, the advice, more a mantra the way it was emphasised, was to fill the frame. Fill the frame? That's the easy bit, my camera has never given me a half full, third full or anything but a totally full frame. Not since film disappeared anyway. So here are a couple of shots, illustrating my new found knowledge, confidence and the inspiration for today's title.



Rules are made to be broken, the article said. Why then publish a list of them?

I rather like the following picture, had several goes, could not get rid of the heavy blue colour cast, so in the end gave up.

P7055843_42_41_40_39_edited-1 HOPE VALLEY FROM WHITE EDGE. The horizon is Kinder Scout, the peak of the Peak District 636m. Not a peak at all a big flat bog.Was always going to be a devil to balance, early light across the foreground and the valley behind still dark. However it could be worse.


This a couple of years old, and for some reason very noisy, lousy jpeg I suspect. How they change, these days the bottle is, more often than not, in Ben.

That's it, smile a smile.


  1. Your posts are certainly never boring. I think the blue cast works in the photo. In fact I think that is my favorite of the lot. Last image... very interesting. I trust the process for getting your son in the bottle isn't the same as getting a ship in a bottle. ;)

  2. Morning Heather, hope you continue to enjoy the pictures, thanks for popping by, Adrian.

  3. A visit to your place is a great way to start my day. That sunset was definately worth both you and the dog venturing out at before the crack of dawn. Love them all but my favorite is the cow. Also like the white lodge a lot.

    I do believe my frames are always filled too :)

    Sitting in a bottle would be hard enough, but sitting on a fork while sitting in a bottle.... Yikes!

  4. Liked the cow! And the bottle - now there's one to copy. Wonder if I can get Junior to pose sometime when I get home.

  5. What a dramatic sky in that first shot. Love it.
    I think you got the balance right on the fourth, 'Hope Valley...' looks superb to me.

  6. holdingmoments. Thank you for having a look. hope to see you back from time to time, all the best adrian.

  7. I was very taken with White Lodge, Cow and Hope Valley. This is beginning to make me more interested in developing the art side of my photography. I used to do that but for a long time I've concentrated on trying to get decent photographs for the record.

  8. gb...........It's the Yorkshire in me, got the equipment seems a sin not to use it. Not all work but if one in a hundred do that's ok. I've always got the RAW files at the end of the day, Can't find them mind. Plus it's good fun.