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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A CHANGE OF PLAN (09/10/09)

image          We are about two thirds of the way down Cardigan bay. Stopped for two reasons firstly after doing battle with a hundred miles of narrow roads I was tired, secondly New Quay was highly recommended. Stopped in Beddgelert again, Got myself a camouflaged little pop up tent. good time of the year to purchase it, reduced by fifty pounds to thirty pounds. I can hide in this and hopefully tempt the odd Ostrich, Pelican, Condor to pose for me.

image           There was another site on the way here, as you can see on the map. Didn't really take my fancy, though, if it looks as if a good sunrise is in the offing, may move down there Sunday. It has one advantage, next door to the pub. I don't fancy walking on roads and stumbling about in the dark on a strange cliff top path doesn't strike me as sensible. No internet here but have phone.

There is not much chance of any pictures today really heaving it down.

So a moment for reflection on the first couple of months of being an 'Old Age Traveller'. If you don't like yourself it is not for you. As an ex boat skipper loneliness was part of the job, so,although I feel isolation from time to time it isn't a major problem. I do have the dog. So am better off than I was at sea.

For anyone following, that fancies the same, self discipline is important. This blog is good, images I get  today you get tomorrow, the only excuse for not posting is lack of the where with all. I don't agree with posting as shot, OK if they need no work but mine always do. Photographs, with the obvious exceptions, famine, war, natural disasters, should reflect the positive side of life. If they can be improved I believe they should be.

Which reminds me, I used to love HDR and although I think it has a place, I am no longer committed, too much sharpness is lost. I tend to shoot with filters, blend exposures and even swap skies. Dodging, Burning, selective sharpening, pushing red and knocking blue in levels is the way I go at the moment. I have no expensive software, Photoshop Elements 7. Adobe are really good you can plug into it bits from third parties and find work rounds for many of CS3's features. The only thing I really miss is the mask, am working on a way round that it can't be worth £400.00.

As the nights draw in I can see things getting more demanding. When we get the wet windy days of November, December and January then extra enthusiasm will have to be found, dredged up will probably turn out to be more accurate.

I've got a plan, photography I must master, would be nice if I managed to achieve the same level of competence I see on so many of the blogs I follow. I also have, buried in the deeper recesses of the van, a flute. Winter seems an ideal time to start to learn it's secrets. Only Molly to complain at my efforts......Poor dog.

That's all for today.


  1. Shouldn't worry about your shots, I have been following with great interest, I and my wife would go to New Quay if we had a promise of hot weather. Just to go on a boat trip and watch the seals bask on the rocks.
    P.S with the bad weather you have become a dab hand with photoshop

  2. You are doing something that I'd love to do Adrian, and I'm following it all with great interest.
    I'm not that good with photo editing; very basic stuff for me. Plus I don't have the patience. But I do enjoy your images, and admire anyone who can create HDR pictures. It seems like a lot of work, but then the finished results do look worth it.