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Tuesday 6 October 2009

GOLD (05/10/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     RHOSCOLYN HEAD IN SILHOUETTE..sorry can't identify any of these peaks but Snowden is just left  but was covered in murk and Cadair Idris should be to the right. A very grey dawn, this image is heavily processed, mainly colour dodged in the sea.....Had to have a title.
As threatened went to see the gold diggers and to get some bird pictures. The former was successfully accomplished (difficult to miss a gold digger), the latter was, as usual, a disaster. I have endless admiration for you ornithological photographers, I sit for an hour and will they come within range, will they -------!
The gold hunters are not prospecting but attempting to recover gold they seem certain lies in a wreck at the bottom of the cliff. Cagey bunch, wouldn't divulge the name, type, age or anything about the ship. Appears they are as yet unsuccessful, if only because of the conspicuous absence of empty champagne bottles. They had better hurry up or come the first real winter gale I can envisage them and their elaborate scaffolding ending up alongside their prize in the St Georges Channel.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome serious investment here. Just hope it works, otherwise it will be the very devil to clear up.
I can't believe they are drying dive suits, what is going on in the second picture is anybodies guess. Obviously a business way beyond mere mortals. Or me at least. 
Found some more contorted rocks, so here they are:
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Same  view just different focal length, these are big approximately fifty feet top to bottom, the last ones were about fifteen feet tall. Pity about the sand and grass-----------that's nature!
I feel a Frankie Howard moment coming on, Mock, mock, Scoff, scoff. here are today's birds. Should have used that as a title, banged the hit rate way up. It would!.... I thought of it first!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are the wee devils that have fascinated me, non came closer.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACOAL TIT?.... Whew sticking my neck out again.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Could be one of them, whatever, it needs it's nails trimming. So does the image.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA HERRING GULL....I hope, the top of the telegraph pole is pretty cool also. In the immediate locality there is a Hen Harrier, ( If it has a silvery chest speckled black it is), It also sits on poles, will it sit still, will it hell, suspect I've found one with 'Special Needs'.....Attention Span Disorder!
Really tried at this bird business today, but it's so much harder than I imagined. Suppose that's the fascination. Tis to me!
Well a busy day, glorious weather, tomorrow it's going back to rain you can breath so a day mucking out the truck and then I intend going down to the Menai Straits to take pictures of bridges, bridges don't move and perchance they do I'll have enough money for a chauffeur driven truck. Can see Snowden out of the cab windscreen. I'll nip out and take it's picture but save it for tomorrow.
All the best.


  1. Heavily processed or not, that first picture is stunning.
    (if I were picky, I’d say the horizon needs a little straighten, but it might just be these tired eyes. lol)

    Like the rock formations too; very much

    Now, the birds.
    1 & 3, I’d go with Meadow Pipit
    2 a Stonechat
    And I reckon you’re right with Herring Gull.

    And very good they are too mate.

  2. Thanks Keith I hope I live long enough to identify them on my own. I'll be a hundred and ten at this rate. I could do with one of those little fold up tents to hide in, that would do the trick or at least help.

  3. The artistic first picture is great.
    I think the sand and grass on the folded rocks is much better than bare rock. Looks lived in (on).
    You will definitely have to have that folding hide. When you watch the nature programmes on TV and see how many hours and days they have to remain in a hide to get a short piece of film you can see how difficult it is to photograph some wildlife.

    Fascinating looking at all that scaffolding. Would have been interesting watching them erect it. They obviously think there must be a reasonable chance of recovering the costs and making a profit.

  4. An extreme example, I suspect, of the power of suggestion or imagination.

  5. Thanks John. yes think I'll look into the tent job, beats sitting in gorse. Mind I suspect the dog doesn't help or the RAF with their helicopters!

  6. Love the rocks.

  7. The bird that needs it's nails clipping is, I think, a Meadow Pipit. I think your Coal Tit is a Stonechat.

  8. I'm taken with the first shot. WOW beautiful.

  9. That gold sky is stunning. I love the birds, and the rock formations are just beautiful.

    You're right, a bit of flash off to the side would have made my photo of Sasha just right. I do have an external flash, and I have played with it before. I'm ok with it.

    But, I took that photo with my little point and shoot. I forgot to add that label onto it...

  10. Hi Adrian.
    Agree with Keith on the birds.

    I think they dip the suits in fresh water to wash the salt away....that is what we did at a water skiing resort then hung them out to dry.

  11. That is what you call shoring up. trust the welsh to try and keep some old rocks.
    did you know anglesey was the last place in the uk to hold human sacrifice, the Romans where afraid to visit and saw no point in wasting troops to put a stop to it. mind you we are still doing it, good old Mr Brown.