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Friday 9 October 2009

WHAT WENT WRONG? (08/10/09)


BRITANNIA BRIDGE. Click here for a very convoluted but interesting story.

Today I had an extreme attack of Muppetry or a senior moment. The worst of it is I don't know why. Took around thirty images and ninety percent are at least four stops overexposed. Have reset the camera and now all seems fine. A worrying experience non the less. Went back to Church Island and got a few images worth posting, these all taken with a little help from some off camera flash.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This door looks as if it could be original if so it's around one thousand three hundred and fifty years old.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA MENAI BRIDGE...This again has fill flash as I'm inside the structure they anchor the suspension chains to. No idea what it's called but I've little doubt it will have a name, bascule or something.


Looking north east up the straits. The long structure is the New Pier at Bangor, new here is relative it dates back to 1896 and in it's heyday handled steamers from the Isle of Man and Ireland. It even had it's own baggage handling system in the form of a three foot gauge railway.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Molly met a friend though being a touch vertically challenged was unable to fully appreciate this game which involved jumping on and off the sea wall. There's a nice story, this path is called the Belgian Promenade and was a gift from Belgian refugees who were given food and shelter by the populace of Menai Bridge at the start of the First War. There must have been several of them as they built it in a couple of years between 1914 and 1916. It's around a half mile long and includes a causeway to Church Island.


That's your lot, am off to South Wales tomorrow. Should really have gone out again but Molly's leg is playing up a bit, so a rest will do her good.


  1. These are quite good. I especially like the last one.

    I edited the squirrel photo with picnik, free online 'software'. You upload your photo and have fun. They have serious editing tools too. I also use Picasa, also free.

    I am drooling over photoshop...or lightroom. LOL! One day...

  2. Jen thanks I don't use full Photoshop, just photoshop Elements it's fine Elements 8 is just out so if you look on line for 6 or 7 then it will only cost a few dollars. Glimp is a full editing suite and free but I don't get along with it.

  3. I like these photos on this post. I am especially fond of the two dogs and the bridge.

    I sometimes forget and do overexposed or underexposed pictures and often can restore them in Photoshop.

  4. I love to see old church buildings. They knew how to build to last. The same with the Victorian bridges - much more character to them than the modern efforts. Sign of the times though when a church has been there for more than a thousand years but now needs steel bars to protect the windows.

    I'm with you on Gimp. Couldn't get on with it at all, probably gave up too easily. I'm still with my old copy of Paint Shop Pro v7. I'll look out the older versions of Elements though.

  5. I really like these shots. The last is my favorite. How I envy you being able to visit such great old places. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  6. Senior moments; I get them all the time, and with great frequency lol
    That is some old door. I wonder how many people have passed through that over the years.
    Lovely shot of Molly and her friend. Hope her leg soon gets better.

  7. Well, they are beautiful pictures. They don't seem to mind if you use a flash or not!

  8. Love the door. I had a caravan near here for a few years and yet never visited Church Island - you are certainly finding some great spots.

  9. Lovely images Adrian, I really enjoyed the shot where you viewed the bridge through a window. Nice :)

  10. Thank you one and all, CJ I am very fond of church yards, go early in the day have a good chat and nobody contradicts me. Keith, thousands, probably millions but in context nothing like as many as we are led to believe tune into X Factor, rather puts things into context, weird context!