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Monday 26 October 2009

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! (26/10/09)

The title of this blog is courtesy of a British sitcom 'One Foot In The Grave'. Google it. It's worth a laugh.

Arrived in the middle of Bristol and after a few Sat. Nav.  induced errors, found the site and pulled in.

'Hey you!'


'We don't take new arrivals till noon.'

'Near enough, it's gone eleven.'


'Where do you expect me to park thirty feet of truck in the centre of Bristol? It's not an f....ing bread van!'


Suddenly recalled that round here they call their home town Brizol, so pulled in and parked up. I assumed quite rightly that he was only having a little fun with a peasant who thought he was in Bristol.

Got sorted, very nice people when you get to know them!

As is our want went for a limp. We've stopped here because I want to see the camera obscura, the S.S. Great Britain and the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Got as far as the nearest, the boat. No dogs allowed. She's a sea dog. No dogs allowed! Not big on debate and a laugh round here. Not big on letting you have a nosey for nothing either. Ship fenced off like a prison.

So here's what we got.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Don't know, the chimney and building in front is I assume a pump house, will take a ferry tomorrow and find out what the mill behind was, there are three of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Must be the last working ship yard in Bristol, flats creeping in on both sides. Really sad.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There's still some soul left, lovely brickwork, will give this building another go before I leave.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nice hand, better planter, they must have forgotten the flowers.

This is a docklands development and I'm all for brown field development but somehow????

Came back, went out and took these it's no so bad in the dark.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       OK some noise but guess what? It's raining again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Me showing off, panning, street lights move but the rest doesn't , magic. You tell me? No Photoshop I promise. A bit weird. Good though.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   For once the pub was open. Guess what?..... No dogs!

Will do the tourist thing tomorrow, take little notice of me, just how I'm feeling.

That is all.


  1. Good to see you again Adrian. Hopefully I'll catch up with the posts since I last visited when I was 'up North' so to speak.

    Enjoyed this one - particularly the night shots. And, don';t worry, they done't bite (very hard) in Brizol.

  2. Come back Victor Meldrew all is forgiven ;)

    Great night shots this and last post. The last time I tried that was about forty years ago during an electrical storm but the results were not as good as yours. I can't work out at all why the reflections appeared to have stood still. Spooky.

  3. Those photos at night with the streaming lights are just wow. I am impressed.

    Patty has her 73rd birthday today. My wife for the past 54 years has a blog. If you have time, take a look and say hi. Old Lady Lincoln

  4. John, tis easy. get around 10sec exposure by fiddling with aperture/ISO set up on tripod pan stop at the end for about half of exposure.
    Will do Abe.