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Saturday 17 October 2009

STIR CRAZY (17/10/09)

Not quite and I shouldn't complain, at least whist mending I'm experiencing a perfect autumn day. Woke up to the sound of gulls on migration to the nearest chip shop.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Let molly out..................................................

image Are we off for a walk then?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOK be miserable I'll sit here and wait for the rabbit.


After the seagulls came the Rooks, dozens of the things and hellish noisy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Common I realize but they are attractive in a rough hewn sort of way and probably in a pie.

Thanks for yesterday's comments. Never thought to get one, yet it solved the problem. thank you again. Went for number four.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                        One observation that I'd never made before is the split between male and female preferences. Only just realised that men go for a casual or comical look and women prefer real. The women won but I have had a haircut, brightened the eyes, got rid of highlights, some grey hairs and reduced the bags under my eyes. See.......If I don't appear on the front cover of Vogue or Cosmopolitan I'll............... EAT MY HAT.

Just noticed missed a wrinkle or two. What the hell! Put it down to the backdrop, flash (strobe in America) and looking again, maybe the whites of the eyes aren't quite me. Also shrunk my ear lobe a bit. At the end of the day the last Avatar was as accurate as this one.

Still battling with the complexities of Captivate. Ran through the first 'How Done It' went on for hours and my voice sounded flat and boring. Terrifying to think you sound like that. Having to reevaluate myself both visually and orally. See.... Having a gamy leg has one advantage.


All the best.


  1. Glad you eventually decided on the avatar. I must get round to changing mine sometime.

    Lovely shot of Molly, in the first; and the Rook.
    Great watching them strut around like they own the place. :)

  2. Wonderful post-editing! Makes me want to check out the software. I'm not keeping up the way I should so I'm going back to see what I've missed.

  3. Keith, Don't know whether it's just me but the Rooks seem to be taking over the planet.
    Tricia, thanks, It's an art, one I'll probably never master but fun. Any software will do this. I use Elements 7. PaintShop will do equally. Am trying to do some quick tutorials.
    Thanks Treavor, just found another blog of yours with some great photographs thanks.

  4. Wonderful wildlife photos!!! Love the lighting!!!

  5. I'm pleased to say you got my Photography Award - and well deserved. (About time, says Adrian.) Mind you, that was before I saw the self-portrait! All the best.

  6. Thanks CJ, no post today went out but got nothing.
    Not much I could do with the avatar, the basic material just isn't there.

  7. It all works out in the end. It is what it is.

    And a nice post too.