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Tuesday 27 October 2009


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        This is the view across the Floating Dock from the rear of the site. Reminiscent of Tobermory. It's called a Floating Dock because ships always floated and didn't have to take the bottom. Lock gates ensure it is always full. The large mill like buildings in yesterday's post are old bonded warehouses. In common with many of our ports Bristol was heavily bombed in the war, this led to hurried rebuilding and rebuilding of rebuilds, it's still going on.

Decided to take the water taxi round the port as it seemed the best way to get a quick view and didn't involve too much walking. Excellent value at £3.70p including Molly, she always enjoys a boat trip.


There are still many interesting buildings, it would be nice to have more information, will call back when I'm not limping and hobbling.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     Looks as if this building was the victim of an incendiary bomb.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd this, I like the chimney.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      These cranes no longer work but it's good to see them preserved.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As it is this one, it's unusual as it uses chain and not rope. Falls I seem to recall them being called.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       S.S. Great Britain, not quite as inaccessible as I thought yesterday. She sits in a glass topped tank as the humidity has to be constantly controlled below her waterline. Posh set up, no wonder they don't allow dogs round, dread to think what dog pee would do to all this expensive paint.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Her bow, interesting symbols, don't know what they mean. My first thought was the arts, writing, painting, music obviously feature but where the bouquet, scythe and what looks like a sack of corn fit in is someone else's guess. the symbols on her port bow are different. Ho Hum! Solve one mystery and find another!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Seagreen is brand new and not quite as glamorous. She is basically a floating skip, she is off to Southampton to shift trash from cruise liners.  It would be great to think that she won't be the last vessel built in Bristol.

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Whatever the old man might say about having an easy day, cities and boat trips really take it out of one!

Off to Dartmouth tomorrow and will be there or thereabouts for a week or so. Expect some stunning images of Kingfishers on the Dart..............I should be so lucky, for luck it would surely be.


  1. That's nice, the Bristol never changes. The other parts looks a bit new, well just like everything. Nice photographs!

  2. Interesting set of pictures Adrian. You're certainly seeing some variety on your travels.
    Poor Molly looks worn out in that last one lol

  3. Know nothing of Bristol, but the fall!
    there once upon a time was one on Portdinorwic dock. that was powered by steam. and it was used to take the ballast from the ships, before being loaded with slate from the Penrhyn and Llanberis slate quarries.
    The dock yards of Bangor, Caernarvon and portdinorwic where built with the ballast stone there are also a few houses in the Area built with the stone One of which I lived in, in Tregarth a village between Bangor and Bethesda slate Quarry.

  4. Thanks for that Tony, I'd vaguely noticed non indigenous rock in many coastal areas, thanks for solving that mystery.

  5. It amuses me the difference between what the men and women comment on. I'm impressed by the reflections, the lovely chimney and the grandeur of the S.S. Great Britain, so regally British. And your poor dog looks totally pooped!

  6. Wow. These are beautiful photographs but the only one that made me smile was the doggy.

  7. Great post Adrian. Dartmouth is a nice place to spend a few days. Good luck with the Kingfisher..I am still after a reasonable shot myself.

  8. Lovely area....I haven't had the opportunity to get over to Europe and see what wonderful sights there are to see. Thank you for showing my such lovely Bristol shots I felt like I was there with you :) But to be honest I loved the last picture the best!!! What a sweet expression and action you caught on that wee lovely dog.

  9. I think this set of photos is truly stunning. Wow, I loved each one more than the previous, and the dog made me laugh out loud. The color, the repetition of patterns...fabulous - all of it.

    I would post the rusty wheel in color, but I edit in Picasa, and once edited if you change it back, it changes it everywhere. I learned from posting on the Friday Photo Shoot Out blog. Everyone kept saying they couldn't see the difference between the original and the crop. LOL!

    I actually did try to clean up the cornstalk, but picasa wasn't very good at the retouching, and it looked worse. LOL! So I undid it.

    I'm thinking I'm going to ask Santa for real editing software this year. That and a 35mm f/1.4


  10. I know very little about Bristol but your photographs make it look an interesting place to visit ..

  11. That first image is incredible! Everything just works. Great images all.

  12. Thanks one and all, Have internet here so will be on line for the next seven days.
    Jen, I use Photoshop Elements. 8 is just out, but 6 or 7 is fine and should be available at about $50.00. If you can't undo it may be worth duplicating the image first.