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Monday 5 October 2009

SOUTH STACK (04/10/09)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       SOUTH STACK..........It was shut, as was the cafe and the RSPB observation tower. I can understand why, there are no birds to observe. However it was a beautiful day, not cold but with a pleasant nip in the air, all in all ideal walking weather. The rain kept threatening but apart from a half dozen spots it remained dry. This light appears to be lit all day, well once in every ten seconds all day, almost had to amputate a hand to resist putting a twinkle on it

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   LLYN PENINSULAR FROM SOUTH STACK.......Should really have recomposed this to include the whole peninsular but was concentrating on the light on the water.


These are the remains of round houses dating from the iron age to about Roman times, there are fifteen or more scattered over about two square miles of hillside.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Suspect Terns of some sort. There were very nearly floods of tears, standing on the other end of this rock was a Grey Heron, as is always the case by the time I had set up the tripod, got the long lens out of the rucksack, attached it to the camera and turned round something had eaten it. Or at least it wasn't there and usually they make that funny croak before departing. Bother! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     SPLASH........I like a breaking wave.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    ABRAHAM'S BOSOM.........To be more precise the north east corner of it, wooden steps providing access to the sea.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   The sun was out and despite a two stop filter, polariser, 100 ISO and f22 still couldn't blur the water enough, Ho Hum!

A couple of what are they's to finish?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Black sheep, not Jacobs, as far as I know, they have four horns and are brown and black.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    No idea, there were dozens of them, mostly in grass between the gorse, moved this one for the sake of clarity then had to wait half a day for it to stretch out again. Popped him back out of sight when I'd finished, not that it was in any danger from the birds, there weren't any. I'll have to return in spring for birds.

Have webbed these images so the post should load faster, I'll see if I can tell the difference.


  1. Lleyn peninsular. not sure what it means . but Llyn is lake. I am am not going to go through all of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwildrobwllllandisiliogogogoch means but its about St Dusils church by a whirlpool. its actually a guide to find the Church. on the previous blog the photo taken looking towards the north Wales headland is the area called Aber. do you know the connection between this area,RAF and ww11 bouncing bomb.

  2. Aye sorry spell check let me down Lleyn, got it. No, all i know about bouncing bombs is that they used Derwent Reservoir. Let's be knowing, thanks.

  3. I have no idea what you are talking about when you talk techno speak about your photos, I just know I love them, especially the breaking wave.

  4. Don't worry Pauline neither have I hence could not capture feathery water.

  5. Great selection Adrian. I do like like that breaking wave. Good composition on Abes bosom too.
    Can't help with any ID's today I'm afraid. :(

  6. Ta Keith, how did the deer hunt go? Save it for the post. No we need a caterpillarologist, just hoping Helen looks in. Suspect it's either a small white or a gatekeeper, they hang around such plants. as for the sheep I'll look them up, the Welsh exile in Egypt has been on and would have said if he knew. Could be Soays, thought they had white bits, sorry patches.

  7. You are coming across some great rock formations and scenery, beautifully photographed as well.

  8. I like the POV in the 7th shot. The breaking wave is nice!