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Monday 6 August 2012

HERE I AM. (06/08/12)

Here I am, Writer still won't talk to Google and I really detest this interface. Nor do I like working on line. Still I refuse to succumb to paranoia. So will make the most of this appalling software.                                                                
Barclays Bank........I was going to the National Westminster which is next door but one and nothing like such a posh building.
Google what happened to that old technology called drag and drop?....What happened to the facility to right click an image and drag corner handles?.....What is bloody happening here? I centre an image and then it centres text..... If I justify an image left it wraps text round it.........this is dark ages stuff and in a minute my toys will be out of the cot and I'll spit my dummy......alternatively I may just decide to sod it and go to the pub.
This is a little water feature part of the steps leading up to the Bank. It could have done with a bit of fairy liquid and glycerine adding.......an addition which would improve the spectacle no end. My temper would be improved if when I went half way round the houses, selected an image and applied it, it had the good grace and sense to appear after the text I had interrupted so as to get it where I wanted it. No it just sort of drops in, in a random way and I have to drag it about........sometimes text follows it then that has to be cut and pasted.
Silly me.......I have to put the cursor on the line I want the picture on. The Butchers in the market. It was time to head back for the bus.

I've cracked it I think! just drop em in all together then sort them out and the text flows proper.
A couple of little corners.  I'd like to give Google a couple. A couple of what only time will tell.
I'm off to lie down somewhere quiet.
That's that then..........PERFECT! ONLY TOOK AN HOUR!
Pictures should enlarge with a click. What fun I've had. It's beer o'clock.


  1. Adrian, Your last two posts have got me a tad confused...what do I do next after I've dropped and dragged the chicken?...do I spatchcock it in html or just resize it? Of maybe I should just say Bloggers to it all and like you go down to the pub for a pixel or two!!

    Despite all the problems Adrian, your images and words, although not necessarily in the correct order, are still as good as ever...[;o)

    1. Trevor....I should send you the drafts......maybe we'd make a blogger of a double act.
      I hate having to conform, I hate little spinning cogs instead of hour glasses. Such trivia doesn't make things better.
      It makes it slower to use......what else takes time?
      A gif file of me ridding rented beer? A butterfly emerging. Anything has to be better than a couple of gears. Malapropism is rearing it's ugly head.....Those gears at Google want a good slap.

  2. Wonderful images Adrian! If its one thing with the picture and text size/alignment/font what's with the member count changing at every refresh??

    1. That's been a bug in blogger since at least November last year. I've no idea what the problem is and it looks like blogger don't otherwise you'd think they would have fixed it by now!

  3. A trip to the pub sounds good....I could do with a ploughman's!

  4. I think that blogger has flea's in his pants, everything is troublesome, it will make many give up, maybe mine...............

  5. Glad you got there in the end.
    I'm still using the trouble free old interface; for now, until they force change.
    First two pictures are excellent. Love the processing.

  6. Luckily I've had no problems with Windows Live Writer, I've been using it for at least a couple of years now and I've almost forgotten the troubles of trying to compose directly in Blogger! The few times I've had to do so for some reason, it drives me nuts - so for what it's worth, you have my sympathies.

  7. I don't have any problems with Windows Live Writer either.

  8. I'm in a fog about all you all have mentioned- writing in Google and Windows Live Writer. Adrian, I love the texture of the buildings, and love especially the play of light in the cemetery. Is Beer o'clock five or so p.m.? ha!

  9. I've looked at the new interface a few times. I don't like it but can see how it works. Not long from now we will have forgotten the old one.

  10. I must be still using the old interface too, maybe I'll try to stay there. Loved the pictures and the text, thanks Adrian, you made me laugh today (not at you, with you).

  11. Like Gillian, I'm using the old interface. I try the new one once and awhile and it freezes up everytime I try to write. Don't have time for that foolishness....so it's the old interface.

    Your posts have me laughing:) Nice with the tombstones:) Very funny:)

  12. Hello Adrian, interesting photos as always. I hope the last one doesn't imply you're losing the will to live! A few months ago I was led to believe that the old interface was about to disappear so reluctantly switched to the new one and thankfully have had no problems...touch wood!! I don't use the new 'dynamic' version though which I can't see the point of at all. When I have visited blogs which have it I have found them to be impossible to use. I use a re-sizer for my photos which I generally make 800 pixels wide, then when I put them into blogger I choose between original and extra large, whichever looks best, most often extra large does the job.

  13. Is the problem not to do with where you are at the moment ;-) ... now where's that drag and drop button.
    Nice Bank image by the way, I wonder if it funded the Market Hall at some stage.

  14. Not so much in the way of fresh air in this post Adrian ;)
    Did comment on the last one but it disappeared into the ether.
    Am I correct in suspecting that the Butchers has had just a touch of the HDR treatment?