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Sunday 26 August 2012

IN A SPIN. (26/08/12)

I’m craving sleep and a pain free day. Not to worry these things never last forever. My mind is spinning faster than usual, it’s difficult to stop it long enough to make sense of the thoughts bubbling to the surface and sinking back into the mire.

I am grateful to the Paralympians. These brave competitors are a real inspiration. They start in a couple of days. Why? It seems daft to hold them separately. They should be run alongside the Olympics. The hundred yards for disabled then the hundred yards for abled and so on.

Why are they called the Paralympics? Why not ParaOlympics? I can only think that ‘Olympic’ is now such a valuable brand that that is the reason.

Para used as a prefix has many and varied interpretations. It can mean ‘Half’, ‘Alongside’, ‘Beyond’. If the spirited individuals really want a catchy brand name then why not ‘Limpics’. Not all competitors limp of course, many would be pleased to be able to. I do feel they are being patronised.

Good luck to you all and have a wonderful time. You put my worries into perspective.

P8263301_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1 It could be too much caffeine or not enough falling down water……the local hostelry doesn’t allow dogs in and it’s four or five fields away. Easy to get to but the return journey would be fraught with peril.

We never got the promised torrential rain yesterday but it was never far away so I didn’t go far away either.

This morning was showery first thing but by nineish the sun was out and despite a cool northerly breeze all looked well with the world. I gathered up the little beasts and set off across the fields to the shop.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Brown Lipped Snail……..Whilst I was watching it this little chap glided into view.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA A Harvestman. It looks like a spider but isn’t. Wonderful legs, like miniature fishing rods they are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I tied the dogs up and had a quick spin round the shop. I attempted to create this inside but some jobsworth in a silly hat told me photographs  are not allowed. Mean he is and on a Sunday too.

My plan was to walk up to the original track bed of the Stockton to Darlington railway. ( Built in 1825, I did say 1875 in my comments the other day). The first passenger line in the world. It was not to be. The path I took ran out and I couldn’t face walking alongside a busy dual carriageway. We stopped at this……………….

P8263331_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1A pile of bricks……..

P8263326_27_28_29_30_tonemapped_edited-1  NO! A locomotive made from bricks a sculpture by David Mach. It comprises almost a hundred and eighty two thousand bricks…….Bet Liverpool or Wales have one with a hundred and eighty three thousand bricks, gold plated bricks I wouldn’t wonder. Ask GRAHAM.

Neil Armstrong died yesterday. He was the first man on the moon. That is a legacy hard to beat. I’m happy he saw the Mars Rover land in one piece. I wonder what the Martians think of it…………. Here are the first pictures it sent back. I can’t credit this, I am only responsible for the GIF file. Bet it’s creator is glad of small mercies.


Have a good week. 


  1. The title immediately made me think of "That Old Black Magic" and now it won't stop spinning round in my head. Maybe you need a bit of the old black magic to help with your ailments.

    As fer fotos in Morrisons - yer might have been a terrorist casing the joint.... or from a rival spying on their prices and layout.

  2. Had a siesta and am a hundred percent better.
    Terrorist I wasn't even buying tea towels!!

  3. I had no idea what came in last, and it was pictures of the moon, and what the martians think of us, very funny. The picture of the "Mallard", great photo.

  4. I agree with you Adrian, why shouldn't the Paralympics be integrated into the Olympics? I'm sure most of the Paralympic athletes have put in far more effort and determination to get to where they are right now than their 'elite' counterparts ever have!

    You should know better than to do your whirling dervish routine in the middle of a supermarket, it's always going to attract attention!!

    That loco must have been premium rate for the brickies that built it...'all those corners and curves...not easy mate...it'll take time!!'

    Don't the Martians know that America always invad..er!..comes in peace? They have got oil on Mars...haven't they?...[;o)

    1. It will be interesting to see how many of the great and good turn up for photocalls.
      The whirling was all PShop.
      It took about six months to build. It is testament to the brickies craft. The only specialbricks are to allow bats in and out to their roosts.
      The Martians think they will be enjoying Big Macs next year.

  5. Awesome sculpture of a locomotive.
    I enjoy your walks to the store but I'm worried that you never get there!

    1. I love this demonstration of the brickies craft. The only special bricks are some that allow bats in to roost.

  6. Ahhh....Adrian you always make me laugh. The Martian bit is hilarous. As for the mind racing bit, I always seem to have this happen after a bottle of wine or coffee before bed. Love the kettle on your stovetop. Classic. I use a similiar set up to make my coffee in the morning. You also have a good start to your week. Chris

    1. I must get a bottle of whisky on my next shopping trip. See if that calms things down.

  7. Such a lot! It's been bothering me that the Olympic flame was not kept lit for the Paralympics.

    Love the creatures. Wish the engine were less like a slug.

    1. It shouldn't need relighting. The Olympics should be for all. Paralympics is a daft name anyway.

  8. Can't explain why the para olympics and the olympics are held separately, but the flame certainly should have been kept.
    On another topic entirely, if the harvestman isn't a spider, then what is it? I guess I'll have to look that one up. Hope you have a great week too.

    1. it's a bug,,I think, it's body is all in one piece.

  9. Phew. 28 September and I'm just catching up with your blog. It's a balmy 10 deg outside and the sun is shining and the garden needs me. But wotthehellarchiewotthehell the garden will still be there tomorrow. This is much more fun. I've been chasing a Lewis Brick since I returned but to no avail. It seems most for the Lews Castle were imported from Glasgow. By all accounts the accounts from my friends the Paralympics were brilliant. Needless to say I've seen nor heard nothing other than their comments.

    1. Were bricks made in the Outer Isles? You'll have to find some clay and make one.