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Friday 17 August 2012

I DON'T BELIEVE IT! 16/08/02)

Rain...Did it rain last night? We had to stay for an extra pint while it stopped. Should have stayed for another. The dogs were soaked on the way home.  My feet had a good wash. It only lasted an hour but the inundation was calf deep. Okay lower calf to ankle deep.

I had some bad news today. The truck is waiting for rear axle cables. The van is half Italian and half German. I don't have a problem with either Italians or Germans, I love the build quality but why do they have so many holidays in Germany. They are the power house of Europe. They think they are. A quick retrospective gander should persuade the more astute Saxons differently.  Three weeks for spares!....No wonder the Euro is in a mess....Lazy Germans!....Get back to work....Get me my bits.
More bad news...I took the dogs a quick walk and after their breakfast, I caught the bus to Sainsbury's. They had shut it...........Blow me down, I had to walk to a Tesco. Since Tesco Sacked Keith I try my best to avoid them. If Sainsbury or Morrison have made you redundant let me know but please don't include the CO-OP. I'll starve.
On my wander from the now inoperative supermarket I passed this........

Unbelievable....All that work so that men could play with balls. Must have cost them a fortune to enter the place.....It is posh. It now sells upmarket furniture. Bet they had this.

Crazy Billiards. Like crazy golf but with less wandering about.
I was back before ten and wandered down to the church.
This is HDR and a stitched panorama if you look at it large then you will see the flag is all blurry. I forgot to swap it for a single exposure flag. I apologise to you and St George.

I've stopped the flag being blurry in this one. Better late than never.
The church was open today so I tied the dogs up and went inside.
It is a wonderful building......Just in case you thought these images were unadulterated then here is a screen grab that shows some of the story.
Back to the interior of St Andrew's Croft......................

Organ Pipes......I was here a few years ago and took a similar image then but they are worth a second look.
The Alter.
The West Window

That's all for today. Have a good weekend.


  1. Sorry about the truck and having to wait for spare parts. I hope you'll find some things to keep pointing your camera at while waiting. I think I remember those organ pipes, they're beautiful and certainly worth looking at twice.

  2. Hi Adrian...you never cease to amaze me with your stories : }!!
    The photos from inside the church are lovely...the pipe organs are special and that stained glass is beautiful !!
    Now if you just had a wee bit of the money that was put into that church...you could have a plush new van ; }!
    Hope the van is fixed soon!!

  3. Bummer about the van. I hope it's parked in a convenient location. The interior pictures are some of the finest interior pics that you've produced - in my humble opinion.

  4. Ugh..vehicle work. Dislike all of that jazz. I laughed about the German comments. Interesting group of people. Growing up with a German background is rather interesting:) I was once in Frankfurt and the people seemed nice but they had a smell to them. Took awhile to get used to it. Hope the vehicle doesn't cost much to get fixed. And thank you for showing a panorama shot. I still haven't done one of those and am not sure how they work....but you've given me a start on how to set up just by looking at the computer giggy ma thing. Have a good weekend. Drink many pints:)

  5. It never rains but it pours! You had rain. Your truck is "busted" and your favorite store closed. There had better be better days ahead.
    I always like the ornate old churches. We have very little of that here.

  6. Hope the van gets fixed soon Adrian.
    A lovely set of pictures today. I remember those pipes from the last time. Magnificent.

    Thanks for not shopping at Tesco's. :-)

  7. Wonderful photos Adrian, have a great Sunday.