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Saturday 11 August 2012

I'LL BE BLOWED! (11/08/12)

I was going to have another rant but one a month is enough for you to tolerate and for me to compose. I did write one last night....I usually sketch a rant then read it after a nights sleep. It saves my embarrassment......Limits it anyway.
The rant was inspired by the Olympics or more precisely the hijacking of sportspersons efforts by three individuals.
The competitors who have trained, risked family and quality pub time should not have their photo calls invaded by Dithery Dave, Boris the Bloater and the Duchess of Cambridge all appearing in British team kit. I wouldn't object to the latter strutting her stuff in licra! That's just me being a little bit pervy. They are starting to look like football supporters.............Acting like them as well.....ENOUGH! Enough from me and I'm vainly in hope, from them.

Went for a wander yesterday and drew a blank with pictures, I did say in the last post that snails can be awkward to identify........I find most flora and fauna a challenge to pop a tag on. This is a much brighter and posher White lipped snail.................................

Today is a shopping day. I love shopping for food and got a lift into town. Toured Sainsbury's trawling for bargains but there were non to be had......I'll prepare what I got for the weekend this afternoon and post the words and music tomorrow.

 This photo was supposed to be all arty farty all the orange bits lining up right to left diagonally. I hopped this way and I hopped the other way but no joy....I'll be Blowed! I'll maybe stretch it in PS. No one would know. Just like no one would believe this is straight out of camera. It could have looked good...........I'll be Blowed! It isn't a binner seen large...Is it?

I caught the bus home and had a walk with the dogs........not a good walk, the flora is massive...it rained around here for months then summer came and every plant bolted. I like jungle. It has it's downside though, the insects are both prevalent and as big as sheep. 
I was bitten on my ear by a cleg. I must have lost any sense I had......I slapped it, hit my ear and almost deafened myself. I was getting worried. I was deaf, I had lost a sense, put a finger in the unafflicted ear and couldn't hear a sound.....a bit of rustling maybe. The bloody cleg was blocking up my ear....On my return to the van it took me five minutes with a cocktail stick to extricate the damn thing. I do my best not to overburden our Elf Service. I should have done, an ugly man is now  further disfigured by a superating lump on his ear but at least I can 'ear. Blow me Down!....The cleg...I'm sorry, a sad end for her...she is now an ex cleg and buried in the chemical toilet....Go Aaaagh...Poor mite.

What is this please? It's big but the all plants seem to have enjoyed the rain followed by sun. Were it popped in a cube then a metre cube would just about do the job, for the whole plant.
I'll leave you with this.....I took a similar image a couple of years ago but it is a fine spot.
I am thinking of investigating Wordsmith.........I can't get Live Writer to work and I detest the time it takes for inferior presentation using Blogger.  Blow the Content, contenstrate on prestitation!
Have a Good weekend.


  1. The foreboding sky over Sainsbury's seems appropriate somehow.

    With the mention of clegg I first though you meant the Nick variety being its normal useless and irritating self. Have you ever seen Captain Sca's video on YouTube?


    I play it every time I see Clatty Clegg on TV. Helps to remind me how two faced politicians are once they have the power they've craved for.

    Lovely picturesque view of yonder bridge.

    1. Nick Clegg has been conspicuous by his absence.....Good video link..He will have destroyed the liberals for some considerable time. they only ever had one chance and that was Ming Campbell he was deemed too old.

  2. The plant looks like a Burdock Adrian. The thing that inspired velcro.

    Sainsbury's has never looked better.

    1. Ta Keith.....I knew what it was but couldn't put a name to it. A senior moment.

  3. Hey I like your rants. They are always entertaining:) You have some of the coolest looking snails I've ever seen. And as for the bugs...don't even get me started. It's been raining here and going outside always ends up with several hundred bug bites on my legs and arms! You live in such a beautiful community.

  4. Nice to see you blogging again Adrian... apologies for my miss use of my mobile phone. I forget to lock it and you are the top of my phone list..
    I will change your name to Zac.

    1. No worries buy you lunch this back end when I'm down.

  5. I had to look up in Wiki the word cleg meant, it was "horse-fly", well I'll never be without wikipedia.

  6. I had to look up in Wiki the word cleg meant, it was "horse-fly", well I'll never be without wikipedia.

    1. You have got it Bob........the most vicious of flying things. one doesn't feel them settle or start to suck blood then the pain comes and one squashes them and suffers septicaemia. Vicious wee devils are horseflies.