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Wednesday 15 August 2012

SWEATING IT. (15/08/12)

The last couple of days have been really humid. Today is worse than yesterday. Rain is predicted within the next couple of hours so that should clear the air. I've got a headache due to the heat and am covered in insect bites....I'm not a happy Adrian.

I have been getting lots of anonymous spam comments.....these are a nuisance. I decided that a trip round the church was in order. I'd take some snaps and have a quick pray that the spammers get hit by lightening.
Here is the church...peeping through the trees. It's us that are peeping, churches for all their undoubted attributes can't see let alone peek.

Unfortunately it was locked up so I contented myself with a wander by the river. The dogs were going berserk tearing around and leaping in and out of the water. They met a couple of of wire haired Jack Russell terriers which doubled their fun....The owner was not best pleased when he arrived ten minutes into the game to find his dogs soaking wet and muddy. Even making allowances for his obvious distress I did find it hard to equate copulating in hades with four damp dogs. It begs the question....What does he do with his dogs in the privacy of his own home? When he addressed them as little bastards I was extremely relieved. 

On we strolled and I found this....................................
It looks like mint but doesn't smell like mint.......It's Corn Mint, I've never seen it before but a grand little plant it is. I looked it up and it prefers dry places. It's growing on the banks of the Tees. That's 'Collins Wild Flowers' for you....no wonder I get confused. Growing adjacent was this little gem.....
I have looked through all the yellow tagged pages in my book but can't find it. It did smell faintly of Marlboro. I see that the Australians have banned branding on Marlboro....They will be supplied in plain green boxes. How the devil will the Aussies know what they are buying? Had I realised what a photogenic bit of flora it was I'd have done a bit of gardening and shown it off to perfection. It grows about a foot or so tall.
This is my flower book.....It is one of a series that covers creepy crawlies, mammals, fungi, rocks and trees. They are pretty good and cheap if you buy them discounted. 
Blue flowers are in the blue bit, yellow in the yellow bit.....Yellow can be in the white bit and blue are sometimes in the red bit......It's maybe just my eyes! In the first photograph I see the crossword in the background. I've been doing well with it lately but have failed today so here it is........
It will enlarge with a click for anyone who is interested.
On Monday I posted a picture that was on the skew.....I have reworked it.
That's better.
Enjoy the rain when it arrives with you and if it's arrived then enjoy the sun that is following it.


  1. I liked the story about the dogs,....brought back a lot of memory's i had with my old dog.....Many thanks for that.

    1. They are tying but i wouldn't want to be without a dog. They are not welcomed with any enthusiasm by the RSPB...what the hell!

  2. Sorry about the headache Adrian. And the both of your dogs, teaching two Jack Russels how to get in mess, funny.

  3. Sorry about the headache Adrian. And the both of your dogs, teaching two Jack Russels how to get in mess, funny.

    1. I'm okay just in from the last walk...almost flooded out.

  4. Dark wet, windy and dismal here today Adrian.

    No welcome for you at the church then, is it something you've said, maybe?

    I've heard it's a tiring old place, is Hades! I hope I'm up to it when I get there!!

    Your mystery wild flower...after much searching of books and that net thingy I reckon it's...Yellow Loosestrife (lysimachia vulgaris). According to Culpepper it good, amongst other things, for the relief of persistent diarrhoea and blindness! So, the next time you're staggering home blind drunk from the pub suffering from bad beer syndrome you'll know where to go to get a cure!!

    As ever an entertaining post and superb images.

    Oh!...and I'm still working on the crossword but I should have the answers by mid morning tomorrow, okay!!...[;o)

    1. Never got the chance to speak to him.
      Don't worry we'll be reborn and up to the job.
      It is...Thanks for the ID
      I'll have the answers at 0545h...

  5. Hopeless at crosswords, had a feeling it was Yellow Loostrife, (well done Trevor), sunny here after torrential rain, very warm and sticky still, and been having fun winding up the grown up birders in Cambridgeshire today.
    That's my day.

  6. Nice photographs, interesting architecture. I am greeting

  7. Looks like a hobbit lives in that building:) That's my world as well....humid, bug bites and itching 24/7. It's the part I hate about the hiking right now.....that and the headaches.

  8. And you enjoy it all as I enjoy your post. I'm a little concerned about the spam. I four years I've had about 4 spams. this week I've had 2!

  9. Humid here today too, maybe it's worldwide? I am receiving a lot of spam too, really annoying.
    Liked the story about the dogs, who knew that Jack Russells weren't allowed to get wet and muddy, poor them.
    Like the corn mint and that other flower looks familiar but the name won't come to me, ah well, have a good week.

  10. Belas e variadas fotos. Gostei de percorrer os lugares através dessas imagens antigas,mas com uma beleza muito especial.
    Maria Emília

  11. Now if it had been Purple Loostrife I could have been of some assistance. I didn't know it came in a choice of colours. I do now.

    Jack Russels = bad news in my book. Sorry to all you JR lovers but I've been peed on too many times by JRs. Nothing else with four legs has done that to me since the days when I had pet mice.