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Tuesday 18 February 2020


This is much the same as yesterday but with a bit more going on. I have ideas for improving this.
The background is supposed to shimmer as if the video is underwater. It just shuffles about. I'll try it with a noise modifier on the wave form. I find one can't do without noise and cloud nodes, they hide a multitude of sins.

As you can see this is just a sine wave and I didn't even have the wit to offset one to the other.

It starts out as this 3D model of Brain Coral. I got this free from TURBOSQUID. They have loads of 3D meshes, not all are free and not all are Obj. files which you need for blender.  Yesterdays Seahorse came from the same place. This mesh is far too complex but after a couple of runs through the Decimate modifier I got it to a manageable sort of quad size. As you can see I am now set up to select a vertex and have it's index number display. Took me a while but then nothing or precious little in computing is simple.
Here is the video.

 I hope to expand this idea by making a few of these, I'll make them all different and render them with an Alpha channel. I can then get them to swim about as they grow and with some DOF on the camera things may get more interesting. 
I was out this morning but try to stay in as it really isn't nice out. At least I get time for this malarkey. 

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