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Monday 17 February 2020


Today's video is a quick demo of the Shortest Path node in blender. Now I can do it I'll do something more spectacular.

Blender 2.82 is now out properly and so has an installer. I don't really know why I popped a moon in. I just wanted to see how it rendered as it is going in a birthday video. I think it renders fine for video.

This is the node tree. The bit in yellow gives the start mesh vertex numbers. They are easy to display once one knows how to get to them. Go to Edit> Preferences>Interface> Display> check Developer Extras. Then whilst in Edit mode go to Overlays> Developer> check Indices. Alternatively you can write a couple of lines of code which would take me a week. Possibly a day with a fair wind.

 Here they are in yellow. The bit scribbled round in pink is nothing to do with the animation. It just allows you to see the selected vertices.
I will do a posh version of something using this node.
I hope you all survived the storm. It was a bit wild here last night and Muchty is cut off from us. Not completely I could drive round about six miles.
Have fun.

Is this legible? I know what it says so can't really tell.
I suspect some more geometry and a thinner bevel on the curve would not go amiss.


  1. Last things first - assuming it says BEN then it was legible. The E looks cluttered (the two bars above the middle horizontal stroke) but still recognisable.
    Back to the start - I might have known you would draw some sort of horse ;>)
    Did it start with a picture or draft drawing?

  2. John yes it says Ben.
    It's a free 3D model from TURBOSQUID
    They do free ones but also expensive rigged stuff as well.