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Friday 14 February 2020


The other day I found an add-on for blender called GIS. I was a little disappointed with the result. This is better in one respect but doesn't deform the mesh. No reason why it shouldn't with a bit of thought. Most things are possible given time. Usually quite a lot of time in my case. The images are available here OPEN TOPOGRAPHY and how to find a way through the confusion of OpenTopography is here at Steven Scott. Now I think I may have fouled up as I'm not getting real height information translated into the mesh. I blame Donald the Tories and Brexit but suspect I will have to pop serious sub divisions on the plane bit.
If you click on this screen grab and look at the node tree I really ought to have and deserve to have a 3D terrain, but I don't and so far can't work out why. I feel like Orville the duck or a lefty, it can't possibly be me being thick, it is impossible for it to be my fault. I stay roughly where the yellow dot is, the blue bit above is the river Tay.
These are the NASA images.

Nothing wrong here as far as I can see. This topography malarkey has grabbed my attention and NASA do release much higher resolution stuff for free linked through the above site. I bet it is Blenders fault or the "Literally Hitlers" and I will have to get a dedicated topography whatsit. I don't want anymore thingies so will have another play.
Have a good weekend. I will despite my fun being marred by stupidity.

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