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Saturday 8 February 2020


I am old, in a few weeks I will be seventy.
 It has advantages as my hairdresser walked into her salon in a mini skirt and asked me what I thought of her legs. I considered them from this way and that, took my time and could find no fault. Wonderful they were. She then asked can you see hairs. I crouched down a bit but had to admit I couldn't.

She says.

"I meant poking through my winter tights not my Knickers you mucky bugger." 

I was only trying to be helpful.

It's fine here in Auchtermuchty but I bet she wouldn't have asked a fifty year old. Ageist she is, I told her I'll have the poliss on yer for being oldist. Quick as a flash she says and I'll have you for squinting up skirting and showing signs of perversion like scratching at your bits. 
Her husband races a Yam 1000R I did the engine mapping. Told her, those rev equators and slipper clutches for down shifts only appear automatic to an undiscriminating bloke that likes hairy legged totty..... After a Fuck Off I got a good hair cut and all for six quid from a hairy legged drop dead beautiful hairdresser.

I am thinking of using YouTube instead of Bogger as my hobbyhorse. I can well understand that I don't post on Blogger about trivia like a poofy son, a lesbian daughter or some such irrelevances. 
Yesterdays nonsense on the YouTube got seventeen views for a crap video in minutes. I get about forty replies here and most are tit for tat nonsense. Admittedly it stopped at seventeen but if I tell folk about Blender on YouTube at least some folk reply and some understand 3D and the mental gymnastics required to use it. Here is today's offering. It isn't easy but when folk will spend several thousand pounds on a digital camera and not have the wit or curiosity to explore the digital world or go back to analogue.Then it's time to my mind they gave up.

This is part one done in normal stuff. It takes ten minutes plus ten minutes for lighting and materials plus a few minutes for animation. I want to make Sorcar or the Russians blokes thing do it. It will be hard to make the following video in under ten hours. No be positive. I am getting good.
Using all the daft things and not being afraid I am slowly getting there. Where I get to is best left to conjecture.

Have a great week.


  1. There's as many stupid people out there in You Tube land as on blogger, in fact more if you ask me. Complete wankers. But then you aren't asking me. I haven't got hairy legs, the rest I'll keep to myself.

  2. Old is a relative term. I will be 79 next month. You don’t seem all that old to me. I read your blog even though I don’t understand all the math and technical stuff. I would miss you if you abandoned Blogger for Youtube.

    1. Bob, I feel older in winter. I can't seem to find all that much that interests me on Blogger. Several years ago there were several competent photographers and digital artists. I can't think of one half decent one now. I guess Photoshop is too expensive for the majority to justify.