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Wednesday 12 February 2020


I have bitten off more than I can chew let alone swallow. Blender is being a bugger, much worse than horses or TIG welders but not quite as bad as the taper turning attachment on the Colchester Triumph lathe. It has a mind of it's own, I clock it in parallel set the taper to within a thou a foot with a sine bar and it then decides to add a bit or take away a bit randomly, little bugger. The lathe is near perfect, it can turn a cylinder to within a fanny's hair over a foot. Can it taper turn, can it hell. Ended up having to offset the tailstock to get a couple of hours job done. Then I had to realign the bastard tailstock. What a bugger wish I had quoted job and finish and not a hundred quid. There again only school teachers and consultants get paid job and finish. Not to worry it keeps me amused and buys a bit of baccy.

I have several projects on the go in Blender. All are causing grief. A few weeks ago I swapped a broken EU flag for a proper Union Jack. It didn't look good as it fractured. I have spent several hours trying to get it better but though I have learnt stuff the end result is worse or much the same. I solve one problem and another appears. It could be that I haven't a clue what I'm doing. This 3D stuff is a challenge. 

Here is the video of my tribulations some self induced and others a surprise to me. I can't recall every having such problems in Photoshop but then PS is a dimension lacking.
I hear Mandelbrots now have a fourth dimension I can't believe it's true. If it is I don't have a ten percent chance, if they are using that funny cube then I'll call it a day. I can do a 2D one but the 3D confuse me and my machine. Such is life.

It's all good fun. I'll ask for a consultants job on Boris's new bridge. Bet it's good money and I'll be dead before it fails. Don't worry folk I'll run stress analysis through FreeCAD.

Have fun.

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