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Friday, 26 June 2020


The White rabbit was a character in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I must confess I have never read the book so will rectify this omission quicksticks. I first remember it as a song by Jefferson Airplane written by their vocalist Grace Slick. I never got heavily into psychedelia but did have a crush on Grace all on the strength of her photo on an album cover. A girl made me a tie dye T-shirt. Cutting edge I was. I even had an Arlo Guthrie album, Alice's Restaurant, crap. I had another by a bloke called Bob Dylan, okayish I liked Dylan. I was more interested in motorbikes and climbing and in those days my peers thought me a bit poofy liking hippy stuff. Being a poof was not something one broadcast, just like wanking. It just wasn't the done thing to disseminate (excuse the verb) . It's Poof parade season and fortunately it has been curtailed by BatFlu.

  I have a white rabbit again this year.
This is several generations on and every year the rabbits get less white. This one is more of tinged rabbit.

I have consigned the Newton's Cradle to the 'Far too Hard For Adrian' file. I'm looking for something else to occupy my limited grey cells.

I see the Enrichers have kicked off in Glasgow. A man was shot after going on a stabathalon. That's the way to deal with them. Non of this southern nambypamby Reading business. No point in having armed police if they are going to get down on one knee in front of folk that hate them. However the Police must be well trained to discharge a firearm in public as collateral damage is very difficult to assess in the fraction of a second it takes to top vermin. 

We had a Gypo infestation about three years ago, they have moved on to softer targets now as one hit his own head with a hammer. The Bizzies did wonder about that but as his family were told. " Hitting oneself with hammers could become a hereditary problem." Nothing came of it, Gypos take defeat, they don't like authority so won't shop one but it isn't nice to deal with. Gypos are brighter than sub Saharan Africans who should be easy as they are wimps and generally a bit thick but muzzies have to be watched. Some will die to kill. They even kill virtue signalling folk who try and help them. Pandering to their distorted view on reality only encourages them.

Why do we keep importing them without the will to control them? A mystery to me. I guess white lives matter less than the indigenous population and virtue signalling.

A sad post but have a good weekend. Sorry about the composition, Blogger threw a wobbly. Sorted now. I threatened it with a hammer.


  1. Replies
    1. Are they 'enriching' themselves by looting - is that the idea?

    2. Lucy I was quoting the left. Apparently they are enriching us.

  2. Your rabbit looks like it's trying to imitate a wallaby.

    1. Graham, it is keeping a wary eye out for the Buzzards.

  3. Asylum seekers they want, this is what they get. Good luck to 'em; perhaps some Socialist friends will offer to give them the spare bedroom now the kids have left home.

    1. Rachel, they better remember to feed them properly. The penalty is death.