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Wednesday 29 April 2020


I've had a busy morning. I had a run into Cupar as I needed petrol and I had my shopping and messages for Scottish folk to purchase, English are expendable in these parts. Called at Tesco for the petrol, and whilst there decided to get a big jar of coffee and a roll of Blitz. Two 200gm Nescafe was the cheapest they had, they had bigger jars which worked out dearer the little jars were £2.00p/100gm not cheap but okay under the circumstances. Onto stop two and the Co-Op for some funny white bread and eight hard fired rolls, perfect. Stop three was Aldi for their malted loaves, one for me and three for the round. Aldi had Nescafe, a 300gm jar for £4.76p; I was robbed at Tesco. Aldi don't usually stock Nescafe round here, it wasn't with the other coffee but lurking under toilet cleaners and honey. It's always a serendipitous experience is a trip to Aldi. The last stop was Lidl for some Manuka honey and half a dozen pain au chocolate or as the lady calls them those puff pastry things with bits of chocolate in. Good job I do her messages, god only knows what Ocado would make of that request. I managed to get everything perfect this time. It's taken me about five goes but then I have always seemed a bit slow as the old biddy that likes burnt bread told her neighbour. Cheeky old sod.
 Got an email from Alex saying there were a couple of lambs wanted tailing and she'd leave the pliers and bands on the gate stoop. I promise I did stop but seeing a field full of sheep and lambs thought sod it. They are or mostly are numbered but sorting two out was not a job for an old man with two terriers. She had only left two bands and had they been tups I would have needed four. Silly girl should have done them as they were born. She'll tell her dad it was my fault. Too late gorgeous. I have told your dad. That is going to be a job and a half. A job that will be popped on the back burner. A RowndToIt.

The waterwheel project has hit half anticipated problems. As I am a Common Purpose aconite, sorry acolyte, I prefer to think of problems as opportunities. It's another way of saying I haven't a clue what I'm doing but given a favourable wind I'll get there in the end. Like ninety percent of the folk getting mega bucks in this country for cuckooing non stop with this Bat Flu malarkey. 
I think the new word is 'Upskilling', it's applied to thick twats who think they know more than they do. Outwith of the state sector they are known as 'Common Purpose' and are dismissed pronto. I need some upskilling as you will see.

 What a mess. The mesh is water and it is not doing what it oughta. I'll keep plugging away. It will never drive the wheel but I can fake that bit with no bother. I am thinking of making the fluid mesh much higher resolution and if that doesn't work then I will apply for some upskilling, if that fails I'll award myself the DCM*.

Whilst modelling the waterwheel I remembered reading on one of the Blender forums about an add-on called Welder. Thought it would be worth a look. FreeCAD and all posh CAD applications have it. It's best not to use it unless selling a product as they use the array modifier and add unnecessary geometry. The paddle wheels on my waterwheel use the array modifier but that saves me using bloody animation nodes. Bastard animation nodes are another thing I require upskilling on.

Here is Welder and it's good, getting better. It doesn't always work and if you apply transforms it becomes nowt more than an indecipherable squiggly line. Here are a few examples of it working with just a click or two. 

Not shabby at all and would improve a Blender render no end. It does work well on single skin stuff. I'll keep playing.  
You have fun. I had unprotected shopping today and feel fine. The Bat Flu is a badun but I doubt it is as bad as the MSM would credit it for. Stop listening to spurious advice from folk that need upskilling. Get out and enjoy the time you are allocated. I have ordered a Plague Doctor kit with the anteater nose. Be perfect for this plague and most certainly get a laugh round here.

* Don't come Monday. 

This is for Rachel it is what 3D folk live with before making the ridiculous acceptable.
Beats dreaming of being fit enough to ride a fast bike or a fast lady.


  1. Looks like you got a bit of netting caught in the water wheel; best get it out before it gets too wrapped round and you have to dive in for it.

    1. The netting is what I look at the first look s halos. I'll show you what netting is. I'll put you off 3D for life. A Netting is being added.