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Tuesday 7 April 2020


I am all for free stuff. These seem very good and are available from Mixamo. Mixamo are owned by ADOBE so I'm amazed all these models are free. Thank you Adobe, a much appreciated gesture.
Years ago there was a blogistess with very big eyes from Australia who used to teach rigging and stuff but when I asked her for help with a bird flapping it's wings she was clueless. Her education authority bought models in pre-rigged so she didn't have to go through what I have to. All the rigging, parenting, weight painting and all the stuff I find a bit tedious; also very difficult. She couldn't help. I have succumbed to the easy option.

The link is in the video description if you fancy a play. It's worth a look.

This little mouse could well be the inspiration I need for my next birthday video which is required soon, very soon come to think. Forgot to say the meshes on these are perfect. ADOBE are generally expensive so one would expect nothing less. Good to see that their free stuff is not compromised. Most things I get for free then take an hour or two to re-scale and re-mesh these are perfect.

I see that Labour have a new leader. He is a definite improvement but why did he give his acceptance speech from the interior of an IKEA wardrobe? He is supporting our government which is good........Make bugger all difference if he didn't. Suspect he thinks he's relevant. I think he's an insomniacs dream. I see the Momentumites or a faction of them like the followers of go stabby the tories, semtex Johnny McIdiot are wishing death to Boris. Good luck comrades all intelligent folk recognise that socialism is only one good genocide from success.

Stay safe have fun and get well Boris.


  1. North London millionaires pretending to be socialists only shop in Ikea.