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Saturday 11 April 2020


Now when I look at history socialists are only social if folk agree with them. The ones that don't are first in the firing line. After that it is the ones that look or sound funny. For reference see speeches by John McDonnell or Jess Phillips; the former wants to hang Tories and the latter wants to stab them and both are at opposing ends of the British Labour party. Next comes genocide. 
It never works comrades and it never will because you are evil self serving twats who mistakenly think you are cunning enough to get in the Zil lane. 

Now onto the shit. This machine was rebuilt years ago and was just left collecting dust, old fence posts, rolls of felt, discarded seed and fertiliser bags. They got offered a load of horse muck and within the hour it was dragged out, greased and lubed up and put to work.

A  fine machine. Beautifully painted with a yard brush.
New belts and belt tensioner. Perfect.
The fields eye view.
The shits eye view.
Did a few acres and did them well.

Now I'm posting a talky video just because I made it. I am back to Animation Nodes and much harder things. It's the way all this stuff is going. The young ones can drop a scripted node into Blender in an hour if they can't find one they like. It's brilliant, it's anarchism running riot. I love it but it doesn't make my life easy. It's a pain when before I start trying to make summat do, what he made summat do he lost me on the modelling bit. I need a recap.
Just realised that all the folk sharing their knowledge on YouTube are male, European, Russian, American, Australian the odd South Korean, plenty of Indians. Funny enough no Somalis, Pakis, Gypos or West Indians. Guess they are too busy driving taxis and busses, dealing drugs and stealing Nikes. Maybe a few are too busy working in our Enhachess init bro. They share their problems non stop on the Media.  folk are racialist. No we aren't you are thick twats. Intelligent folk are discerning. 
Talking of problems has anyone heard what Corbyn's Home Secretary in waiting's son got after his court case. Being a bit bitey/hitey he was and waving his nob about, then the cardinal sin being racist. Doubt we will ever hear as the fragrant Diane has dribbled up higher than we mortals. Not to worry he was only an aspiring civil serpent, not a footballer or Rapper.

This is a long post. Not to worry I have not been anywhere near anyone. I could do with being near the lassy in the Co-Op so will spend tomorrow getting folks messages all polishing up neat and tidy. Any excuse to get near the lass in the Co-Op. This lock down has psychological repercussions. Bet that daft twat Neil Ferguson didn't have that built into his erroneous computer model.

Don't weaken and have fun. 


  1. The sentence hasn't been published anywhere. Perhaps the Sun will find it. The muck spreader looks less robust than the ones I am familiar with. I have many similar photographs of chains and sprockets, floors and belts. Good to see you photograph them too. Now the teachers want PPE. The fighting has begun.

    1. Rachel, funny that I suspect she has a super injunction out. either that or they gave him a telling off and let him go.
      It's a pretty little machine.
      I can't imagine teachers raking up enough enthusiasm to fight.

  2. I like the photos, Adrian, but not the text.

    1. Good to see you well on the mend Lucy. You are not alone in criticising me but everyone one to their own unless it involves inciting violence.

  3. RE: Moving Origins. Now that was simple enough for me to understand.

    1. John, glad I have the job straight in my head now. It has always been hit and miss for me. If you go to the drop down menu next to the magnet then you can snap to edges or vertices as well as faces as here.