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Thursday 23 April 2020


I thought I had cracked this Mantaflow malarkey but after a dozen false starts and the same number of real cuckoos I set the simulation to bake and the bloody slime hit the Domain. 

This is the set up after all the Bakes. The blue bits are gloop, The yellow cross is just an empty for the camera to focus on and allow me to blur the backgroud using DOF. The main lighting is provided by an HDRI and secondary light is from the spotlight dabbed red.
This multicoloured mess is called FLIP and is an aid to help visualise what you are doing prior to baking the simulation. The Black lines are the Domain or container. It is new and pretty good when you get used to reading it. Blue is static or slow, green medium fast and red quicker still. How I never noticed the gloop had hit the domain I can't explain. Stupid would fit the bill but I don't like to use that word when it refers to me. I did 400 frames and they took about six hours to bake. I wasn't that happy with the end result so thought sod it.

Here is the finished result rendered out as single frames. Noise is not bad for 150 render passes most of the white bits are supposed to be bubbles, my bubbles need more work.

Six to ten minutes a frame so no way am I going to spend forty hours or so for a ten second video. I will look at speeding up the render but am not optimistic. I notice that there are third party render farms for jobs like this but they don't come cheap and I only like cheap.

All the best.


  1. Agnie, halfway there. I am trying one more. It is a slow job as my computer struggles with this as much as I do.

  2. Replies
    1. Rachel, it is pretty random. I suppose there is some control over the finished result so input is relevant.

  3. I agree with Rachel. It looks like a very creative art-piece.

    1. Pauline, I am in the process of making another hopefully this one will be better and rely less on happenstance.