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Tuesday 21 April 2020


I have been meaning to play with this for months. I'm not sure it was a good idea. Blender has a new physics fluid simulator called Mantaflow. It seems quite complicated to a simple soul like me. It is also very slow on my machine, I'll have a look and see if I can allocate a bit more RAM to the job. 
Here are two frames from a twenty frame animation so less than a second in real time. They also take 6+' to render in Cycles. EEVEE will do it but the result is a bit iffy. Iffy verging on crap to be honest.
It needs a lot of getting to grips with does Mantaflow.

I popped some motion blur on this in the compositor which improves matters a bit. The very obvious grid pattern on this one is caused by a Blender program glitch which they are well aware of but are taking their time sorting. I used one particle and the work round is to use half a dozen, scale them, rotate them and pop them in a collection and use the collection to render with. These were both rendered with an alpha channel and popped on the background in Photoshop. All said and done they are not too shabby for a Manta beginner. I'll play a bit more as I like the simulator and it is a vast improvement on the previous fluid generator.

Last Saturday Blender 2.9a was released in Alpha. It has a new box on the splash screen that allows one to load settings from the stable version one is using. It only does it the first time you open 2.9a. Lucky I noticed as it saved me about an hours work.... The devil truly does look after his own.

Have fun.


  1. Agnie, thank you. It can be done much better but at least it looks like a splash.

  2. well done that splash Adrian !
    can you see the end of the pandemic ? not easy
    to fight against something we don't know and cannot see

    1. Marty, I am enjoying playing with this simulator. It's far from perfect.
      I do wonder why we are fighting it as the cure could well be worse than the disease. The economic damage alone is horrendous.