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Wednesday 14 October 2020


 I haven't had much time to play but I find an hour or two last thing messing with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) helps me relax. Today I have a rather scruffy render of a new feature in Blender 2.91a. It crashes non stop and at the slightest excuse, the patience of a saint is required but it has possibilities; It's main attribute being to drive one mad and exercise all your special words. I am a numpty when it comes to this stuff, I am getting better as I have started to accept it's them and not the computer or me being a dumb cluck. I wish I knew enough to help the intelligent folk that script this stuff.

This is rendered in Blender EEVEE and took about 40 seconds a frame on my machine. The Cycles ray tracing renderer takes at least sixty times as long possibly six hundred times but the result is not noticeably better at sixty times. Not for YouTube anyway. Volumetrics are a sod to render.

The reason I used a torus for the mesh is that I thought a ring of misty cloud climbing a sparkly Christmas tree would be fun to create, add a bit of something interesting to my Christmas video. I animated the torus on the X axis and after a few goes it didn't crash. It won't when it is released properly. I used to be normal before I discovered 3D but now I'm a loony. You can in theory animate the cloud colours but as things stand the computer says no you can't. It doesn't actually speak it just shuts down. Silly machine.

I was having a look on GitHub as is my want, it's a wonderful place, not to be confused with PornHub. It serves a totally different niche and need. Github has all sorts of things from models, PornHub has them but GitHub has pages of code which can be copied and pinched, it has compiled software, Pornhub doesn't have this feature. I found this Blackpool tower model. Stole it, ran it through Blender and Photoshop.

It is a fine model but I didn't like the platforms. I thought about the job whilst asleep and came to realise how it was constructed. Any horizontal beams will leave a platform. It uses a very clever Boolean. It is simpleish to do, one models the front elevation. Extrudes it, copies it, wizzes the copy through 90° and shuffle it over a bit and do a Boolean difference. Everything will then bugger off. Take the copy and shift it on the vertical axis a tiny, tiny, tiny bit and then the computer can make it perfect but for the little, tiny bit that no one can see. Good enough is near enough.

I did a couple of simple pyramids to prove the concept and then got bogged down and bored with this.

 This is half of it or a quarter to be pedantic. It is lacking the cross bracing and needs mirroring. Too much arseing about for me. Happen I'll come back to it if I really need a Blackpool tower. The observant will notice that the bottom arch is just a quadrant of a circle. He has a wonderful sweeping sort of parabola. Easy peasy, he just scaled his model on the vertical axis. A dirty rotten cheat but an very bright one. I'll remember this trick.

I see the BBC have deigned to acknowledge 'Q'.  It's driving the snowflakes madder than ever. 'Q' is after Hillary and by association Obama, 'Q' has been around for years. Lefties really are a bit slow. Live in a BBC/ITV/ Guardian bubble. They are also very nasty, want to stab and hang folk in their dreams. Captain Hindsight AKA Queer Stoma is better than the Magic Grandpa or possibly not. He refused to prosecute Jimmy Savile and loads of Muzzy paedos and rapists.
The left hate Trump, don't know why but he lives in their heads. I'm surprised as I have never thought there was that much space to spare, what with walking, drinking, eating fondling little children and such like. Most that I have met are one trick ponies. I don't know Trump but he seems fair enough, wants the best as he sees it for America, doesn't seem fond of nonces and soy boys. Wish we had one here. I don't agree with grabbing random women by their privates but every normal male does it with ladies that they gel with. Biden seems to think it acceptable to sniff little girls and paw them. I can only assume his supporters do likewise. In my experience, politicians, the clergy, the police, teachers and social workers are all a little noncie until proven otherwise.

I'll leave you with this.

He is better for us than Biden.

Have fun.

PS. Captain Hindsight.


  1. Fascinating stuff as always. Now you can blow virtual smoke rings without having to spend a tenner (or whatever cigs cost these days) a packet. Much healthier.

    1. John, it is a good trick. I'm a bit surprised they are developeing it as the main thrust is to make everything node based. Modifiers are fine as they are non-destructive or parametric as they now call it. Not bought any cigarettes for years but I think they are more than ten pounds.

  2. I find the Trump haters very amusing.

    1. Rachel, non of the haters are quite all there. Every couple of days or so I scan the main stream media. Then for balance look at Breitbart, Huffington, Going Postal and now and again Guido Fawkes.
      I notice many of the haters have to sort of half swear "F...king Trump" is a common expression amongst them. I suspect they think it posh.....Daft Fuckers.