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Sunday 8 May 2011

DOWN AND DIRTY (08/05/11)

Another wet and humid night. I was up at dawn and the rain was still teeming down. The skies are wonderful to behold, unfortunately I’m stuck in a wood so it’s difficult to illustrate just how wonderful………I could always climb a tree………..NO! I couldn’t.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                    I had just begun to open the blinds when I noticed Mr Woody. Gently does it, I was even slower opening the window achieved that but didn’t dare zoom in.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   I managed just two frames whilst sliding the window open………..those are my fingers on the right………..called keeping my hand in. The feeder took another beating during the night. It’s all straight again now. I leave the camera set up when I’m in the van but had zoomed out . Bother, bother, blow!

We were out at six but it was still raining, warm though and today, after yesterday, I took a jacket, I may be a slow learner but learn I do….. eventually!

Back out after breakfast to get some macro shots.

_5084019_20_21_tonemapped_edited-1 A grand morning. I did compose this with the tree on the right……..I now think it is distracting. This is a three shot exposure blend with the distracting tree selected and lightened a bit. Don’t ask me!………… I’m only the photographist.

We got to the site of the Bog Beacons……..many, many thanks to Phil at CABINET OF CURIOSITIES for yet again educating the ignorant.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Bog Beacon…………Mitrula paludosa. These are around an inch tall and grow in a bog. it’s a matter of getting dressed for the job, or undressed and lying down with the camera tripod mounted and the tripod flat to the ground. My tripod is a pain in this respect and I’ll change it for one with a reversible centre column. Christmas next I suspect.


Grand little fungi.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Interesting and varied wee things. All images will enlarge with a click.

In retrospect I would have done less damage had I just collected half a dozen and brought them back to the van to have their pictures taken. I would also be considerably cleaner! So would the camera, lens and tripod.

I have a map reference for the location of these……..if you would like it then just e-mail.

Have a good week.



  1. Excellent macro work Adrian! Not that I am any kind of expert but I know what I like and I like those :)

    You did well to get the GSW too. I have the same sort of problem, I have to either try and creep into the garden when I see it which isn't very often and spooks it anyway or have the dining room French door open all day 'just in case', Neither way is working, maybe I should buy one of those little camouflaged hides and give the neighbours a laugh! :)

  2. Getting down and dirty certainly brings out the detail of nature!
    It's cold here with our rain. Forecast is 70; I don't believe it. However, I still hold out hope. :)

  3. I like that lake view and I don't find the tree distracting. It could just as well be a Swedish forest (lots of lakes here).

  4. I love that shot of the lake; and yea, I agree, the tree is distracting. It draws the eye over to the right.
    Nice one with the woody, and the macros were worth the effort.

  5. Shysongbird, passable not excellent but it's new to me. GSW.......they drive me crackers...great big feet and strong beak......why are they so timid?

    Norma, it does, some of these are smaller than a match. I'll have another go indoors.

    Monica, this is a very small wood a couple of square miles or so.

    Keith, glad you agree it's a bit naff. I'll re take it tomorrow and find something else for foreground interest.......a wheelie bin or something. Woody will get better if he would just pose. This lens was a good buy 150mm f2.8. its good being able to keep a foot away though an extension tube on a long lens would do the same job but weigh three times as much.

  6. Awesome photos, Adrian. Love them all.

  7. Horst, thanks........I wouldn't go quite that far.

  8. What an unusual and photogenic thing a Bog Beacon is.

  9. John I stumbled upon it the day before. The young ones are like little yellow pin heads. I took every thing bar camera and lens to the water tap. It was a filthy job.

  10. John, Not really there are far worse things I could be doing. I just like to make a fuss.

  11. A grand set of photos and I like the tree there!

  12. Graham, I did at first, I even went to some trouble to emphasise it so glad you approve.

  13. It was good to see the video in the last post and compare it with these scenes. Good catch with the woodpecker and the tree is great. I never know what to do with a solitary trunk like that unless it has some branches on it.

  14. Jay, thanks.....I didn't need to include the tree.