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Monday 2 May 2011

A LAZY DAY (02/05/11)

I have moved down to the very very bottom of Weardale to a place called Fir Tree just outside Crook in County Durham. Weardales Bottom as it is perhaps better described. For no particular reason. I just got tired of the racket up the valley and the mess the countryside is in after what seems like weeks of holidays. Tomorrow I’m away up onto the high ground, it may be cold and windy up there but I should have the world pretty much to myself……..there will be the odd Lapwing, Curlew, Buzzard, Merlin so plenty to keep me occupied. I’m quite getting into this blurry bird photography and there’s always the chance of a few dawns and sunsets. An outside chance of a sharp picture!……star trails even….. should I get really bored.

Here are a few of my favourites from the first third of the year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Ribblehead Railway Viaduct.


organpipe2sharp      Sunlight on organ pipes St Peters Croft Spa.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      Limestone Pavement on the approach to Ingleborough.

_4032721_2_3_4_5_tonemapped_edited-1         Between Showers Staindrop………..That’s not a misprint for raindrop.


_3162387_88_89_90_91_tonemapped_edited-1             Glenridding Ullswater.

_3242554_5_6_7_8_tonemapped_edited-1               The Bridge Chatsworth Derbyshire.

_4113015_7_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1           Painted Roof. Haltwhistle Parish Church. This is my favourite…..not the Cysteine chapel……..not Michael Angelo but impressive for a wee town church.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA        Bridge over the Tees…………Croft Spa.

I really should get out with the camera………if only to try and catch a picture of an Ichneumon Fly I notice a fair number being blow about in the wind. I could do with a wee net and pop them in the fridge for a minute or so, that quietens them down. However they will be spared such indignity as I'm photographed out today.

Have a good week and a better month. I should get a fresh post away tomorrow, hopefully with some wondrous birds and landscapes…………..bet you can hardly wait.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos Adrian.

    Makes me want to visit you every time I look at your blog!

  2. Adrian these are greats imagine, I like a lot the rovine

  3. A great set Adrian.
    I love the bridges, but my favourite has to be Catbells; the light is something special.

  4. I'm learning to love bridges because of your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful pictures Adrian - you ought to be in the calendar business...

  6. The Catbells photo is terrific. Very atmospheric. I think your Ichneumon flies may, in fact, be St Mark's Fly (Bibio marci) which emerges in large numbers around the 25th April each year (St Mark's Day!). They are Black and seem to spend most of their time just "hanging around" in mid-air!

  7. Love the first image Adrian great depth of field.

  8. A terrific idea to share your favorites to date ~ and they are wonderful, each unique. Lighting, reflections, beautiful scenery, ceilings, and organ pipes...super ... with no one in sight. Perfect!

  9. Beatiful imagines,I like Abbey

  10. Very beautiful series of photos my friend. That is one fantastic place to take photos.

  11. Stephen, thankyou.

    Laura, thank you, it's not been a bad year so far.

    Keith, The Lakes are a beautiful place...will be again come October.

    Norma, I have a soft spot for bridges. The variety appeals.

    Phil, I have looking into it but the competition from people far more talented than I makes it a hazardous undertaking.........Joe Cornish is my local favourite.

    George, your wedding Organ Pipes are my favourite. I agree with your fly ID. They don't have red legs and are a touch smaller.

    Kev, thank you.

    Glo, I try to get out before the hoards, it's not always even.

    Gabe, thank you for having a look, I'm happy with that one, a bit of blow out in the sky but it is otherwise okay.

    Horst, for such a crowded country it is photogenic. it doesn't cost too much to move from area to area. There is so much to see in a hundred mile circle.

  12. Bob, thank you, good you got back safely.

  13. Fantastic set, well worth the re-cap. I've a story about Catbells from the weekend but all in good time when I catch up with blog time.

  14. Jay, thanks, I keep thinking a style is evolving but when i look back things are as hit and miss as ever. Surely you didn't go near Cat Bells at the weekend?............you are braver than me!

  15. I think I remember most of these. I really like those organ pipes, and both those bridges with water reflections.

  16. A great collection Adrian. The Organ Pipes are my favourite. I do miss my Lakeside trips when I see your pictorial reminders. Great stuff indeed.

  17. These are great, Adrian! I am in love with the top shot, and the Staindrop shot is mighty, as well! I can wait to get out shooting again, too - too much work is keeping me indoors these days. :o(

  18. Monica, you have a better memory than I do. They have all or most been posted before. I just got photographed out.

    Trevor, the Lakes are a definite NO until autumn. Far too busy now.

    Krista, I'm pleased with the first four months. I'll see what the next four bring. Don't work too hard, it's bad for the soul.

  19. A stunning set of landscapes Adrian. At least they don't leap up in the air or turn their back on you as soon as you raise a camera lol.

  20. Good choices, Adrian. Emotionally my favourite is Catbells. No contest.

  21. John, no they don't......we keep mentioning this but it's uncanny how they recognise the instant one presses the shutter button. There's a Grey Heron here possibly two and if i go without the camera they stand and pose...........no such luck if I have the camera.

    Graham, I like the light on Catbells but the church ceiling took me so long to expose even using tone mapping. That it has a special place in my heart. Catbells was just early morning light and a short wait for the clouds to move into a position fancied.