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Friday 6 May 2011

TALKIES (06/05/11)

A damp day today, light rain showers, there is a Heron on the ponds but it saw me before I saw it. Daft thing is I could hear it but never found it till it moved. Still no sign of Red Squirrels no sign of a drey either.

The spruce tree I showed bits of yesterday I think is a Sargent’s Spruce. Combed the tree book and it fits the bill as far as I can see. here is all or almost all of it………………………………..


After breakfast I set up the camera to get some stunning footage of the pair of Woodpeckers. They know the camera is there……..contrary little devils.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                  Here we are all ready for the footage or more accurately the half inchage.

Having listened to this I think I need electrocution lessons or maybe just electrocuting.

Have a good weekend. I’ll keep trying for some proper pictures because they are wonderful looking birds.


  1. What do Nuthatches think they are going to find? Medium rare fillet steak?

  2. George I'm lucky here there are only two. Haltwhistle they could empty a feeder in an hour. Chaffinches usually hoover up. The Coal Tits are little better, I'm thinking of getting a Niger feeder I have a spare hook for the feeder.

  3. What a terrific set-up for your camera! Lovely footage. The squirrels ought to appreciate the messiness of the birds' eating.
    Quite like your voice.
    Did you mean elocution? I hope you're not messing about electricity!

  4. Excellent Adrian.
    You're a natural at this bird commentary. More please.

  5. Really enjoyed this, especially with your commentary :) I'm wondering what type of feed is in the flat dish? I didn't realize the nuthatch flicked the feed everywhere like that. Mine haven't been around for awhile. 'Talkies' are a great way to make the video more real. I agree with 'More please.' :)

  6. PS Great shot of the Woodpecker, even if for such a short time.

  7. That Nuthatch was having a good sort through you seed offerings, just like the Starlings here.I thought the Coal Tit was going to climb inside. Beautiful clip of Woody.

    Nothing wrong with your elocution, perfectly clear. None of use like to hear the recorded sound of our own voice as it never matches what we hear normally.

  8. Norma, I did mean elocution.......I'm not allowed to play with electricity, matches or sharp things.

    Keith, naturally not very good. It's harder than you make it sound.

    Monica, Thanks but there is still much room for improvement.

    Glo, it's a water dish really but has meal worms in they cost a small fortune as well.
    There are a pair of them but they are very timid. There's also a Green one around but I've not seen it for a couple of days.

  9. John, Nuthatches can empty a feeder faster than any bird I know. Starlings seem to get through the fat balls in minutes.
    I thought I was going to miss Woody usually just switching the camera on has them beating a hasty retreat. I know which tree they go to but there is too much leaf cover to get a shot. Such is life.

  10. A bus, or truck, full of things that I live for. Good photos, as ever.

  11. Bob, thanks............it is good fun. I'll have another go in the morning.

  12. Interesting shot of your photo/i-net 'control centre'....!

    Have a good weekend Adrian.


  13. Hi, I found you at my friend shysongbirdstwitterings and I'm following you from Trapani, Sicily. I see you're having damp weather over there, it's hot and sunny here instead:) You sure are a professional photographer...I have a simple digital camera and even that is too difficult for me. My daughter took a photography course in university and we bought a professional camera for her but even after the course, she puts it on automatic!!!

  14. Thanaks for the commentary. I don't know most of those birds, so the explanation helps. I really enjoyed that video!

  15. Trevor, it does get a bit cramped.

    Ciccia, not professional, I just enjoy it.
    Auto is fine almost all the time. I use semi auto most of the time.

    Pauline. thank you and you are welcome......I detest editing the stuff.

  16. NIce to see a shot again of your "cockpit". Great video with the ideal amount of commentary, less is more as they say but enough to keep it interesting. Nothing wrong with your accent, it's a real one although having said that you'll never inspire me to do this as I might have to write a transcript at the end !!

  17. Jay, I find slightly disturbing hearing my voice recorded.........it could also do with a bit of script and the narration put in afterwards. This video is a pain to do.

  18. Some of the birds just don't like the 'filler' seeds which are often put into birdfood and they get disposed of in the search for the seeds they like.

    The difference in what we consider exciting is quite interesting. I have Greenfinches by the hundred and no Nuthatches or Tits here in Eagleton. There are no Woodpeckers on the Island although a couple did arrive (and perish) in 1962 and one ended up on North Rona once and realised it's mistake (there are no trees within 50+ miles).

    A few years ago I'd been sitting watching a couple of Eagles 20 or 30 yards from me (on the Island) but would have been far more excited if I'd seen the Woodpecker which was what CJ had seen in his garden that same day.

  19. Graham, a case of the grass being greener I suspect.