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Monday 16 May 2011

STIR CRAZY (16/05/11)

The dogs have had a good run in forty mile per hour mist and rain…………..lovely it was! I fell in a bog. A nightmare of an outing. I never found the remains of Kings Pit Colliery. I did take a compass, I did take a map, I didn’t take the GPS because I really couldn’t be bothered to enter the grid reference. I also neglected to put thermals on……………was frozen when I got back from a two mile wade. The cloud cleared as we returned. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA      A retrospective panorama of the wonderfully named Arkengarthdale Moor. I even framed it for you today. It didn’t last long……………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     So wet and horrible my emulsion has run.

Sorry ……I should have written down the numbers for the sepia conversion, it’s the difference between the incompetent and the competent……..I hate PS one hit sepia so do it with colourize. I also hate not getting what I go out to find but it is horrid up here at the moment…….I’m away down the hill tomorrow. See what life is like in the valleys.

Have fun. I do.


  1. I do like that first one Adrian.

    Hope your weather improves; but I can't help thinking I'd rather be up there, than here.

  2. Keith, it's a hell hole when it's bad. Maybe better than where you are. Last week was a great place.

  3. Sorry Adrian, I find it so funny, to forget the grid reference, lol. Maybe it will be less rain, but I don't think so.

  4. I like the first one too. I also like the name Arkengarthdale Moor, it sticks in the memory ;)

    I loved the photos of the Pied Wagtail on the earlier post!

  5. Bob, it's awful. own into the valley today.

    Shysongbird, it is a fine name. The wagtail is a fool.

  6. I suppose one shouldn't laugh when reading "I fell in a bog."... It caught me off guard, which I guess is what happened to you as well. Makes sense to head for hopefully better weather. We could do with some here, too.

  7. Ouch, doesn't sound like a good day... The weather has been wet and windy here too. Got a new camera yesterday but haven't really had time to get acquainted with it yet. Still keeping to compact since I'm no fan of heavy equipment but it's got more zoom and also some more manual settings than my old one had.

  8. Glo, the weather is just on the acceptable side of dreadful. It's no better down here.

    Monica, congratulations on the new machine. I look forward to seeing the results. I hope it is waterproof.

  9. Sending you some sunshine from here ~ at last!

  10. Seems to be wet and windy everywhere. 'Tis here too. I used to be able to read a map until GPS and SatNav and now even my cellphone shows a map when it shows an address.

    Good luck in the valleys.

  11. Graham, it's been little better down here outside Barnard Castle. It's the trouble with summer in the UK. I can read a map and can also enter a grid reference......didn't do me any good.

  12. A lovely place! I like the first one too.

    Have a lovely weekend!