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Saturday 7 May 2011


We had thunder storms late yesterday evening, which turned to heavy rain for most of the night. I was awake at four and listened to the rain bouncing down till around sixish when it stopped. Off out for a quick pre breakfast stroll and it started again………….we were drenched.

I set the camera up as I noticed the male woodpecker on the peanut feeder. Then his wife turned up…….not a single picture or not one worth publishing even by my standards.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   A wet start to the day but still no frogs to be found. I did find these though. I haven’t a clue what they are they look a bit like bean shoots with a yellow head. Any ideas will be gratefully received.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    If it’s dryish tomorrow I'll take the tripod and a macro lens and try for a better picture.



  1. Yes, the rain makes a whole wide world to dabble in. Hum, it must have been the whisky.

  2. I think you have a very interesting fungus there called the bog beacon Mitrula paludosa, Adrian.See http://www.rogersmushrooms.com/gallery/DisplayBlock~bid~6465~gid~.asp

  3. Bob, I only wish......I ran out of beer two days ago.

    Phil, Thank you, that's it. I'll try for some good sharp pictures and send you a map reference if either you or any mycologists you know are interested. They are well out of the way so should be safe. Amazing what one finds when looking for Dragonfly.

  4. Who needs to go out to do our own birdwatching now, we can just stay in and watch yours ;) I'm amazed how you manage to keep the camera so steady while walking. And good job not tripping over the dogs, it seems they were rather set up for it!

  5. Excellent again Adrian. Really enjoyed the video; especially the walk in the woods. The quality of the video is first class.

  6. Monica, Not a good day on the feeders today. I have to walk in a peculiar fashion. There is image stabilisation on the camera which makes a big difference as does holding the camera as low as possible. I'm for ever falling over the dogs.

    Keith, the video is getting better but the editing and uploading is a pain. Also i notice the quality drops right off at full screen. Still a bit better than the first one

  7. What a very enjoyable video Adrian! The quality is superb, I felt I was in there with you. So now I know your voice as well as Keith's :)

    I am very envious of your Nuthatch, I don't see them very often and never at my feeders.

    Your dogs are gorgeous!!

  8. Ecellent video, Adrain. really love the bird songs in the video. I love being in the forest.

  9. Love the video Adrian. After seeing the dogs *yoked up* I had a vision of you being pulled on a skateboard. So that is how you cover so much ground lol.

  10. Lovely lighting on the walk through the woods accompanied by the chorus of bird song. Enjoyed the ocmmentary as well :) Nice to see Molly and Alfie enjoying themselves; they looked cute leading the way! Good shots of the birds at your feeders. I'm sure the Woodpecker with be back.

  11. Shy songbird, It's kind to say but I can't quite imagine the BBC queing up to buy it. Nuthatches only seem to eat Niger and Sunflower seed. I hid some in tree bark and he spent a happy hour on and off hunting for them. Usually they pinch from my feeder and hide them in cracks in the bark.
    The dogs are wee devils.

    Horst, I was thinking that a recording of the bird song would be worth investigigating. I have an MP3 player that will record......I'll look into it.

    Trevor, this is the sanity system two leads and a camera is chaos........I trim enough out of video due to minor slips of the tongue without having to untangle the dogs every couple of minutes.

    Glo, it is a beautiful place. I sometimes wonder how they know which way I'm going.............I rarely do! Perhaps it's them taking me for a wander.

  12. My granddaughters and I loved that video. The girls were fascinated by the dogs linked together. Being practical farm kids they said if one jumped in a drain, the other would have to go in too. Then you'd have two dirty dogs. One said I could never take a video like that, I'd be stepping in cow dung all the time!

  13. I liked the first photo of the rain. There is just something about rain. The giver of life. And misery!

    I'm still having problems with broadband speed and watching a video is a trial. I have to let it load and then watch it. My favourite bit was 'which path Dad?'.

  14. Pauline, I let them off once there is nothing for them to annoy. Deer being their favourite.....I've not seen any here. The grandchildren are correct but it's off the lead I end up with both filthy they have to see what the other is up to. I fall into and over everything........why so much ends up in the bin.....hearing my own cussing and sweaaring even makes me blush. I'm having to re educate the dogs to 'This Way'......not what they respond to usually.

    Graham, it's slow here too, took an hour and forty minutes to upload this nine minutes to YouTube yesterday. It doesn't bode well for the Grand Prix. We really do need the rain and it is warm rain. I tend to just follow the dogs it makes life easier.