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Wednesday 11 May 2011

FROM BAD TO WORSE (11/05/11)

We are back at Tan Hill primarily to look for Curlew. The weather is not conducive. Heavy showers, windy and sunny periods…………..not many of the latter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The camper and Tan Hill Inn basking in a sunny period.

Now I’m not totally to blame for what follows. George Mahoney at MOORLANDS AND PEAK Left a link in my comments bit to a friend of his who does all sorts of amazing things. You can see what can be achieved by going to GRAHAM JEFFREY. He’s a real artist. So am I but it has little to do with visual arts.

Here we go……………I start with some computer generated smoke.

smoke2                                                Then I made a simple kaleidoscope……………………………………..

Untitled-1_edited-1       Then a more difficulter one……………………………………….

sixteen       Finally…………..the final straw…………………………………….

thirtytwo     It’s not quite symmetrical but it’s hard to get exact in Photoshop Elements…….one can only nudge vertically and horizontally not rotationally………….if anyone knows a way then please let me know.

As I say, it’s not my fault. It’s the weather, George and Graham.

Have a good day whatever you are up to.



  1. Graham Jeffrey's work makes me feel a bit drunk, to be honest! It's like that moment when you see the world rushing past and you realize it's because you're about to eat dirt. LOL! (not that I would know from firsthand experience of course. just guessing. ;o))

    I like your kaleidoscope work! The last one looks like it belongs on a Navajo blanket or something - the colours are great!

  2. My camera movements so far have all been unintentional ;) Doubt I could accomplish much of the intentional kind with my sort of camera. As for kaleidoscopes, in Paint Shop Pro X which I have used for mine, one only has to click a button and see what happens. I get the feeling your way involves a bit more actual "work"! :)

  3. Goodness! Just like the kaleidoscope I had when I was little. I haven't a clue how you achieved it but it's really clever.

  4. Glad to see you're keeping busy. That first photo shows perfectly what the light is like when it only has a small opening to shine through. It's pretty.

  5. Now this is my third attempt at replying. Here I go.
    Krista, I suspect Graham's work like Pink Floyd is better after the pub and not after breakfast.
    It looked a bit boring so I duplicated the layer and used glowing edges.....I did try colourize which was more restrained...........Nah! Glowing Edges it had to be.

    Monica, Most of my blurry picture are the result of my being in control.......so no excuses. I'm just not very good.
    I nearly bought Paint Shop but I'm used to Adobe now........it is a long job these three took an hour a piece on average.....if I do it again then fifteen minutes. Working out the work flow is what takes the time.

    Shysongbird, If you have PS Elements then if you ask I'll do a how I did it on my other blog. Seeing to Pictures.

    JoLynne, no rest for the wicked. Pretty it is. I also soaked a Sigma lens. It's a false economy buying non waterproof gear in this country.

  6. How good is that, wowee. I must try it out.

  7. Bob, I would rather have posted a superb Curlew. But it passes time whilst rain is hitting the van at thirty miles per hour.
    You know Photoshop......if you need a guiding hand then I'll post on the other blog with screen grabs. Cheers and thanks.

  8. so lovely, Adrian! But I still prefer your bird shots.

  9. Interesting images, love the first one.

    Have you tried "Control T" for free transform, then rotate?

  10. Curlicues instead of curlews...looks like a fun way to pass a dreary day. We have one here as well, a dreary day that is. At least you are parked close to a welcoming hospitable place. Your van looks good from your vantage point. Good luck with the curlews :)

  11. That´s a little bit spacy but interesting. How to do is a miracle for me;-)) I think, I prefer to catch some nice bird images. Hugs from Luzia.

  12. Good luck with the Curlews Adrian. Just a little envious :)

    First shot is a treat; lovely light.
    The rest? I admire your skill with editing. You certainly have an all round photographic talent.

  13. Whatever it is you're smoking - can I have some?

  14. Norma, hopefully birds there will be if this wind and rain would desist.

    Horst that's what I used but I use the arrow keys for fine adjustment and really I need fine angular adjustment.

    Glo, it is fun working out how to do it. Thanks i'll need some luck.

    Lucy, I would prefer birds as well.

    Keith, a case of idle hands today.

    Pauline, nothing stronger than Marlboro and that won't be for much longer I'm running low.

  15. So this is what happens when smoke gets in your eyes..

    I don't have Elements but I do have Photoshop CS4 and to rotate an object there, you need to select Edit, Transform, Rotate. You can then grab one of the corners and place it where you like. That's good for the full image or any part of it.

    Or, if you want to nudge the full images by mathematical degrees, select it, go to Image Rotation, Arbitrary and you can dictate to which degree (or partial degree - for example .25) you'd like to turn it, clockwise or counter clockwise.

    Of course, all of this is moot if it's different on Elements.

  16. Hilary, many thanks. Yes Elements has this algorithm. I just wondered if full PS had a nudge tool for rotation. I use the arrow keys for vertical and horizontal tiny shifts. I've not tried holding ALT. That might work.
    The weather has taken a turn towards normal so It's fun to play.

  17. I'm really glad that Graham's images inspired you to try the technique. I've known Graham for many years (we used to work together) and his photography has been an inspiration to me too!

  18. George, I enjoy the challenge of working out how to. his work is inspirational. I love it. I don't know how he achieves his but this is my version.
    Thank you very much for the link.

  19. Graham, he is a star bar! I love playing with visual stuff. Many thanks for the link..............I just like bright colours. So mine are never going to be subtle.

  20. The smoky patterns look good. The last one reminds me of hours playing with Spirograph.

  21. Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Norma, I'll try for some birds.......but they are not being at all cooperative.

    Horst, it passes time on a wet day. It also helps to play...I'm forever finding new things PS Elements is capable of. I use free transform to do these but for vertical and horizontal fine tune the arrow keys work. Not for angular shifts though.

    Glo it's the Curlew I want......I see them everyday but can't get a decent shot.

    Lucy, it is spacy........it is not hard when one sorts the workflow. I would prefer some birds.

    Keith the Curlews are just not playing ball at all........they will I'm not in any great rush..a Skylark would also be good.

    John, it's the same thing in theory........the start image is what counts. Be an interesting mathematical poser to do one with an odd number of segments.

  22. I'm pleased you put the first image on ... or else I might have thought I was reading the wrong blog ;-)
    The last one is great, it reminds me of a spirograph when I was a boy.

  23. Jay, it is a similar construction. Wonder if they still make the Spirograph?