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Tuesday 24 May 2011

A FEW WILD DAYS (24/05/11)

I’ve been up on the moor getting my head around my future. It was a little rough up there both mentally and physically. The weather was pretty horrendous as were my deliberations. I’m little further forward but am still here and fighting.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The road to Kaber Moor. Not at it’s brightest and best.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Nine Standards Stones………Not a misprint, by me anyway, possibly by Ordnance Survey.


I’ll be back full time as soon as possible. I’ll leave you with a quick joke.

A Mathematical Joke

Two mathematicians in a hotel bar are arguing about how much maths the ordinary person knows. One thinks they are hopelessly ignorant; the other believes that quite a few people actually know a lot about the subject.

‘Bet you twenty pounds I’m right .’ says the first, as he heads of for the gents.

Whilst he’s gone, his colleague calls the waitress over.

‘Listen, there’s ten pounds in it for you if you come over when my friend gets back and answer a question. The answer is “One third x cubed.” Got that?’

‘Ten pounds for saying “One thirdex cue?”

‘No. One-Third x Cubed.’

‘One thir ex cubed?’

‘Yeah, that’ll do.’

The other mathematician comes back and the waitress comes over.

‘Excuse me- What’s the integral of x squared?’

‘One third x cubed.’ Said the waitress.

As she walked away, she adds, over her shoulder.

‘Plus a constant!’

This is from Professor Stewart’s Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities.


  1. The first picture is brilliant, it shows the radiance of the weather. I like the anecdote, it is funny, ha ha.

  2. The first photo is one of the most poignant and moody that I can ever recall you posting. It really speaks to me. And that's saying a lot given that I can be mentally very hard of hearing at times.

    Loved the anecdote.

    Am really glad to see you are still with us even if, at the moment, part time. Take care.

  3. i agree that the first image is fab Adrian.

  4. Yep, love that first photo. Hope the clear, shiny road to somewhere means something!

  5. Good to see you back Adrian.
    Hope that road leads to a brighter future.

  6. Well I'm glad the last post wasn't the last! I like all three photos here but I think the second is perhaps my favourite. Love sites like that.

    As for the joke I'm afraid the first guy would have won the bet with me... Maths not my thing.

  7. Glad to see you back Adrian, hope things will sort themselves out satisfactorily in the end.

    Nice moody photos!

    I was always hopeless at maths but I did get the hang of the joke... very good :)

  8. I believe you captured places where you feel comfortable. Beautiful!

  9. Pleased to see you are still fighting fit Adrian.

  10. Very poignant post with the three images ... 1) The road looks a bit torturous but there could be a glimmer of hope after the bend. 2) you leave us with some memories for the moment ... but ... 3) we hope to hear from you again soon.

  11. Rain, rain go away, come back another day.

  12. It would be wonderful if your glistening ribbon road was paved with gold! Perhaps it is in a sense. I think, like us, you are in need of some sunny weather to lift spirits and bring warmth! Keep posting!

  13. Hi Adrian!

    Sorry to hear of the change in circumstances. I do hope that you'll keep in touch though - you've got my email. I wish you the best of luck in sorting things out. I've reached similar crossroads before too, it's always interesting to see where things will land isn't it?

    Great shots today; if a little melancholy. Nothing wrong with that - just another emotion after all!

  14. I've just got back from France and wondered where you were.....I've now checked out your recent postings and am so sorry to hear about your current circumstances. I do hope that you manage to resolve the situation.
    Your blog and your comments have become something that I look forward to....My thoughts are with you my friend...!!