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Monday 9 May 2011


It’s a glorious morning, barely a cloud in the sky, cool and fresh after the rain………hard to better it.


I was up at just turned five…………made sure the camera was all Dippity Doo, the window was open, and a new element, a towel hanging up to shield me from view……………………..and……………..BINGO!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     The female Great Spotted Woodpecker………….you can tell because the male has a wee red cap on his head….like the Pope or is his white? No matter!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       She appeared more interested in the feeder lid than the peanuts…………..were those cheap peanuts I wonder?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       Isn’t she just drop dead gorgeous?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     What’s that clicking I can hear?…………She was on the feeder twice for a few minutes at a time. The dogs towel did the trick………plus cable release………….Whey Hey! I’m brighter than a Woodpecker.

By now the dogs had decided to join in the fun………….not at all helpful so out we went for a walk.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       We walked a different route this morning and found this grand little spiders web it’s on a fungus called Dryads Saddle. Polyporus squamosas…………it’s growing right at the base of what I hope is a Sycamore. The largest one is about eighteen inches across and in perfect condition.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s another view standing up…….it’s me standing up you understand………..the Dryads Saddles can’t move.

Now I should really stop whilst ahead but ……………………………………………….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA two second exposure vertically panned in the woods…………..it’s been done thousands of times but not by me………..I was a virgin perpendicular panner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I decided to get ambitious and add a little squiggle………….hope you like it.

Thunder storms are forecast for later so I’ll have a go at those………….I've not done thunder storms before either. I should have said lightening………..thunder doesn’t register on cameras.

Tomorrow we are off up into the high country………….where I was going several days ago but this is an interesting place, pity there are no Red Squirrels but one can’t have everything.

All this before seven thirty……..I can feel a siesta coming on.

Have a good week.


  1. Well done Adrian, the Woodpecker is truly remarkable; and those lines, they are great.

  2. I was going to say Bingo! but then remembered you'd already said it ;) Well done Adrian, you got her. The towel trick worked. She is beautiful!

  3. Glad you got rewarded for your efforts at last!

  4. Well done Adrian.!! Those are lovely shots of the woodpecker,I am envious,we do not have woodpeckers here,though,one or two have been seen up the country--too far for me to go to see them.

  5. Excellent GSW Adrian! Well done. The vertical pans are a technique that Graham, a friend of mine, has off to a fine art - and they look like fine art! He has commented on my blog a few times too. Take a look at http://sensitivelight.com/impressionist/thumbs/.

  6. When I saw the title I thought you would be writing about pub opening times. The actual content was much more interesting. Brilliant Woody shots. I bet you were grinning from ear to ear.
    I keep meaning to try to build a gadget to fire the camera automatically to capture lightning but it is still stuck on the Round Tuit pile.

  7. Bob, thanks the lines have possibilities, I'll practise..........I always seem to be practising.

    Shysongbird, worth the wait, i do have other images in the vaults but this, feeder apart is the closest about three yards away.

    Monica, thanks. Just a matter of hiding and waiting.

    Carolyn, It took a while but i got there in the end. There are at least two pairs here but they are too high up in the trees for it to be of any use.

    George, thanks. I've had a look at Graham Jeffery's site..........so that's what they should look like! I also enjoyed his smoke wheels. Something else to pass a rainy day. A very talented friend you have and thanks for the link.

    John, I came here for a couple of days last Wednesday. Forgot to buy any beer on the way so it's been a dry week.
    A few heavy showers but the thunder never materialised. On a dark night it would be relatively easy manually. daytime and I suspect an awful lot of cursing.
    Grinning I was jumping up and down. These were shot at f8......been a bit better at f11 but I'll know for next time.

  8. Lovely shots of woody and also the web and fungus.
    The van has become a perfect hide. Keep it up.

  9. Most impressed with your Woodpecker shots... That first shot of the trees and sky appeals to me as well... Nice work Adrian.


  10. I wonder if anyone has as much fun with their photography as you do. :) Of course we do, but you always seem to be so happy with it all. Love that woodpecker.

  11. Your humor...love it!
    Indeed, Ms. Woodpecker is stunning!
    Outstanding panning of the woods!

  12. Aha! Hiding behind a towel becomes you ;) Lovely to see that your patience and ingenuity won out. I love the head on shot of the woodpecker ~ all are wonderful images. Congratulations!

  13. Trevor, well worth waiting for, there are plenty of Woodpecker around but I find them very difficult to photograph.

    Trevor, Thanks, it was one of the better days.

    Hilary, I'm usually far from happy with my efforts but yesterday was an exception.

    Norma, it is a spectacular bird. Look here for proper panning: http://sensitivelight.com/impressionist/thumbs/.

  14. Adrian, congratulations on getting the lovely lady.
    A cracking series, especially the last one, staring at the camera.

  15. Love the last bird shot - "Is that towel staring at me?" Beautiful bird!
    I'm always up for a good squiggle myself. If only I knew how!

  16. These are great, Adrian! I *know* you have been searching for that Woodpecker for a long time. Has she found a place of honor on your desktop yet?! ;o)

    I love the vertical pans, too! I am going to have to try it; looks fun!

  17. Keith, ta........wary wee things. If i set up a bored out log with food a hide and waited a few weeks we would have a great picture. She didn't rate your southern peanuts too highly. Could have done with closing down a stop but we live and learn and I'm happy.

    Pauline, she knew things had changed but could hear the mirror going up. I knew how to squiggle but have forgotten all that. You have fun and learn how to squiggle.

  18. I am so excited Adrian that this wonderful bird visited you....She is beautiful and you photographed her superbly!! The last one where she is looking at you is heartwarming...I love your first one, the lovely landscape...I was wondering what the middle tree is...Maine has gigantic hemlocks , sort of resembles those....Your tree art , the bottom shots are awesome! This sort of art is so warming to any room, I think especially a living/study room..I love them, keep creating these..they are rare gems and so is your talent...cheers and have a wonderful week, Linda :) Oh, I am now using the e3 AND the 5D....I love them both

  19. What stunning shots. I know how impossible it is to photograph birds. They just won`t stand still!

  20. Krista, no, still the golden plover......I've been directed to experts at it and mine are fun but rubbish. It's a job for the morning after a night on the falling down water.

  21. Linda, they are a pain but gorgeous. She could hear the camera so is looking at that I fired it remotely from behind the towel. The panning shots are good fun. I quite like the second but think it would look better hung sideways. Congratulations on the new camera. The E-5 I now use pretty much all the time. I wish I had the money for a big Cannon or Nikon..and all the bits that go with them. I'm happy using the Olly though.

    Olga, there is a saying here........."The impossible I can manage immediately, miracles take a little longer.".......This bird is a miracle.

  22. Linda, it is I think a Western Spruce, or Norway spruce. Hemlocks are part of the same family.....Hark at me.......Mr Ignoramus.....it is a tree.......an upright one.

  23. It's all bee said already but I'll ad my admiration of the GSW photos to those of the rest of your fans.

  24. Graham, it was worth the wait. Thank you.

  25. Unbelievable shots, the chance of a lifetime !!