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Thursday 23 April 2015

FOUR I KNOW? (22/04/15)

I’ll start with the one I don’t know.



_V0G8071     It could be an escapee but there is plenty of it about growing on the banks at the side of the farm tracks.

_MG_3240      Colt’s-foot. The leaves are something else as this flowers before it leaves if you see what I mean.

_V0G8079    A Beech seedling. I have never seen one with the beech nut attached I wonder if it just grew underneath one by accident.

_V0G8080    This is how they usually look.

_V0G8081      Wood Sorrel.

_V0G8078       It not only closes it’s petals at night but also folds it’s leaves down.

_V0G8076       It’s a beautiful early woodland flower.

_MG_3247     Wild Garlic. I have some chicken thighs that will roast well  wrapped in this.

_V0G8064        This is in amazingly good condition considering it grew last autumn. I am pretty sure it is Boletus reticulatus. It could be something else as it is surrounded by pine needles but it is growing on an old beech log.

Plenty more to look at and plenty of places to explore so I have decided to stay for a week or so.


  1. You are the Marvellous Macro Man.

    1. John, thanks. I have the gear for macro. I would like the twin macro strobe but that is a step too far.

  2. It's a lovely time of year Adrian with all the lush new growth and the wild flowers starting to put on a show.

    Honesty (Lunaria annua) is the one you didn't know....a common garden escape!

    I can't work out what that fungi is...I think it's new growth though, I don't think it would be in such good condition if it had over wintered!

    Have fun exploring...looking forward to seeing what you find...[;o)

    1. Trevor, thanks. I knew that I should know it but I'd forgotten what it was called.
      Spring has sprung here and it is hot. Twenty plus degrees for days now and six to eight at night.
      I first thought the fungi was a Cep but it doesn't look right. It has algae growing on it so isn't brand new. I'll send it to that web site that tells me what things are. It has the Boletus look about it.
      I'll take some landscapes when we get a cloud or two in the sky to set them off. It seems a grand little corner of Scotland.

  3. Preciosos brotes amigo. buenos macros .
    Un abrazo.

  4. Wood Sorrel; beautiful flower. Nice one.

    1. Keith, it is a beauty and I noticed a Marsh violet on my way back this evening.

  5. Now these are awesome shots as these critters stand still. that's what i'm going to have to practise with.

    1. Red, you should have a macro setting on the camera and if it is a bridge or point and shoot then you will get much better depth of field than I do. A small silver reflector is also handy as sometimes the flowers are a bit dark.

  6. HI Adrian I seee trevor has given you your answer now but i love your selction of wild flowers.

    1. Margaret, I'm not good with plants. The early flowers are starting to appear now.