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Monday 4 May 2020


As is my wont I was awake several hours before cock crow. I had another look at the water simulation and after reading developer notes I have learn't this is a mesh based simulation. What? I hear you say. It seems that my propensity for increasing barrier distance on stuff is defeating the whole object of their hard work. Fluid mesh and object mesh should be something like similar. These folk are hard work, I don't know what language they speak but most of it makes as much sense to me as Hottentot*. I could never get inflow volumes just as I wanted and I have had lots and lots of goes. I have now cracked that. It depends on ones inflow object mesh density and the size of the object. I'm getting there or thought I was.
  This is interesting but not what I either wanted or expected. It is doing what I want but a bit staggered on the 'Z' axis (Neither use to man nor beast). It may be my machine but I have now popped a dedicated folder for Blender Bakes on my Desktop. I can delete the buggers manually instead of having to rake through Temp.files to see if Blender has done as it promised it would years ago.

I then popped over to Kinross to get messages for folk. I called in at the horses for some eggs and got well supplied with goose eggs.
They are grand things. A bit big for me but they taste wonderful. There are half a dozen geese of varied pedigree. No pedigree at all then. They have a posh but old Chinese gander so all these eggs could be fertilised. It's best to get to them before the goose decides to sit and incubate them. That never used to have to be explained but these days I wonder if folk even know where eggs come from.
Nothing wrong with this beauty, it's just a bit damp still as I had to polish the crap off. 
They are big. Monotone is as near as I get to artyfarty. That and using DOF and very selective focus. Please excuse my nails but my nail lady has had to shut up shop. Summat to do with BatFlu.

I exited Sainsbury with what I hoped and prayed were what I had been asked to get. Bugger me! Someone had keeled over tits up in the safety line. I though that's working well then, popped the shopping down and wandered across to see if I could help but fortunately an off duty para-medic was already giving the corpse some serious compressions and said he was fine. Saved it or they getting to experience my dubious skill set. I have saved three out of five I have either stopped them bleeding out or kick started the blood pumping round bit. Two died but then I consoled myself that it was most likely down to bad diet, smoking, hard drink or too much rumpty tumpty on the corpses side. I have heard the professionals explain their incompetence and learnt.... Bloody BatFlu, without that and the stress of waiting in a queue, it/they, fat bastard; could have turned their toes up in the nice warm shop. Nasty east wind whistling through Kinross today. Freezing it was. Before I'd got back to the car two police cars polled up, all blues and twos. I presume they had come to arrest the (IT/THEY) in case it was breaking curfew and still breathing, enjoying life, not being miserable and in a vertical orientation like normal folk.

Pride comes before a fall.... I am so confident that I can make a waterwheel behave with water as it oughter. That I have gone to the trouble of making another. I must be the fastest waterwheel modeller in the 3D world, I can knock the blighters out in under an hour.
Tons and tons of mesh in the paddles now, middling elsewhere. If it needs more I need a new computer. I am confident that at long last it will work. So confident I have given the bits different colours.
What a sparkling bright wheel. Almost seems a shame to get it wet.
Have fun.

* Hottentot is a gibberish language from Africa. Socialist are fluent in it. They criticise everything without ever offering a solution. Solutions require logical thought and socialists only have feelings to justify their diktats.


  1. Hottentot is used by the media, training included the special negative pronuciation module. I thought you had produced a burning crucifix and given up on the water wheel until I read on although I have no further understanding of the water wheel than I had before. The collapse in the queue must have livened things up quick. Did they reach the body with extension leads?

    1. Rachel. I think I semi understand it now. I could be wrong.
      I used to have a proper certificate for seeing to folk and it was hard to get. 'A Ships Officers Medical Certificate.' Not as hard as the radar one but then there were less folk and capital equipment involved if you got the first aid bit wrong you were buggered. My instructor taught us really posh things like cutting in and clamping arteries. Sewing up deep muscle and popping neat ones on the outside. All done on a lump of dead pig.
      Three weeks ago I was having to teach a lass to ring lambs tails. No problem there but when I queried why had she let a little boy loose without his nuts ringed she said she didn't think it right to do him.....Silly girl. They learn this crap in school.

  2. The new wheel looks grand. Hope it doesn't go rusty when it gets wet.

    1. John, it doesn't seem all that long ago when I would have struggled to model anything like this. I don't think it would rust without texture painting and I don't know how to do that.

  3. I would have thought an ambulance more use that police in a medical emergency but I suppose the ambulances are slower. I've never had to try and save anyone which is just as well because my last first aid certificate expired when I was 16. The waterwheel is looking very....waterwheelish.

    1. Graham, I suspect the chap on the paper and tobacco counter would be more use than the police. They can't be very busy at the moment.

  4. Must ring my neighbour and tell her you really can die while waiting in a queue at the grocery store. I didn't renew my First Aid Certificate last time it came due, figured by the time I rushed to someone's aid they would be well gone. Every time I did a refresher course within a few days I'd be called upon to practise for real, never at any other time. There would be a square meal in one of those eggs. Someone gave me an emu egg once but I couldn't face eating it so I blew it out and painted it. Can't remember what happened to it after that.

    1. Pauline, I don't know whether he/she did die or was just feeling poorly. I popped them in a curry as there is too much in an omelette.