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Tuesday 12 May 2020


This fluid simulation job has got ridiculous. I'm giving it a rest for the time being.
My laptop is now around nine or ten years old and still has a i7- 2.8 GHz CPU a 660 GPU and 16GB of ram. This is pathetic in this day and age. I do try and keep it cleanish on the inside if not on the outside. Every few months I clear all the Windows update stuff, Temp. rammel, Tmp. most of it, any other rubbish that Adobe or Blender have hidden in obscure directories, crap I have downloaded etc.. I then give the processor fan a clean and spray a bit of that arctic stuff on it's heat sink. It's running fine but can't cope with the demands of this new software. Posh fluid simulations are long winded and very sketchy to say the least. Last night at six I left it baking two hundred frames of smoke and at four this morning it was just finishing but had only baked eighty frames properly and was nowhere near the cache limit I'd dialled in. A new all singing and dancing machine from PCSpecialist will run at give or take the best part of £2K. Not a bad price for what I'd get but it's still an awful lot of money for a computer.
I'll have to think of less processor intensive jobs to entertain me. It's not a real problem I can render 2K video but not 4K. Mind you when YouTube have finished bastardising stuff it matters little.
This is the old way of carrying on using a particle emitter. All my aerofoils now have an eye as it was suggested and I thought why not, adds a bit of interest.
This is the Mantaflow system that I had so much aggravation with trying to get it to work with the waterwheel.
(A) is the emitter or Inflow. (B) is the Domain. (C) is the aerofoil with an eye and (D) is the outflow or collector which I have yet to make do anything sensible. This is running a FLIP liquid simulation as gas or smoke just stops the machine. I could make this render using particles but then getting a colour shift would be a real pain. I think it is possible depending on the Shader editor inputs if they have one that does speed, then that coupled to a colour ramp node would do the job. I'm going to unsubscibe from these Blender forums. Half the time I haven't a clue what they are banging on about and on the odd occasion I think I understand, get all enthusiastic and try to operate the job I realise I had only thought. "That sounds fun." It's fun to a very bright twenty odd year old with a big computer. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing but on the plus side I can now use Bezier curves without the whole thing going anyhow, belly up and whichway. Perhaps Mantaflow is similar and in a month or two I'll pop back to it and wonder how had I been so thick.

I was chatting to an old friend this morning and he asked if I knew anyone who had had BatFlu. I said yes, Boris and numerous actors, TV folk and sundry other attention seekers. He said I mean normal people. I had to admit that I didn't. I have yet to hear of anyone dying of it other than folk that were on their way out anyway and the relaxation of death certification is puzzling. More than a mild consternation if you recall Staffordshire, cheapo mucky blood and a few other NHS whoopsies. We'll see when folk start wandering about as normal. Not that most have ever stopped round here. Not people I meet anyway. The Co-Op have several systems in place from fully open with arrows and lines on the floor to only two folk at a time. The two shoppers at a time Gruppenfuhreress on the door is so busy chatting to folk in the line outside she either lets nobody in or three at once. It's all good fun.


  1. I don't understand any of it except that £2000 is a lot of money for a new laptop. I like the aerofoil with an eye and the second image looks like a Joan Miro painting. Google him and have a look.

  2. I Googled. Thanks for the link I enjoyed looking. Some of his paintings are fun. Expensive fun though.

  3. My only thought through the first two-thirds of your post was "Why?" and I suppose you answered it after a fashion with your three words "That sounds fun." Doesn't sound like fun at all to me.

    Regarding the last third of your post, you may not know someone but you know me and I know someone, my friend of 45 years Tom Brown. I wrote about it here.

    1. Bob, just a new fluid simulator that I fancied playing with. I rarely have a good or logical reason for wasting time.
      I still don't know of anyone, thank God. Was he suffering other problems? It all seems a vast over reaction but then what do I know?