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Friday 29 May 2020


I have been trying for hours to model the chain sprocket and it kept going pear shaped. Not literally, even I can make a cylinder. There are several Boolean operations on this and for some reason the file size was turning out ridiculous. I had another go this morning and BINGO! It all worked roughly as expected. No more 90MB files just for the sheave. The following is more complex, includes about a dozen chain links and is coloured in and the file comes in at under 7MB. I wish I knew why. This sheave was made in three parts and the mesh joined right at the end, for the life of me I can't see what difference that would make but I guess Blender knows.
Here are the pictures.

 I haven't decided what to do with this yet. Whatever I decide the job will entail lots of boring repetitive work, not something I have the patience for so I have decided I need an apprentice......Who am I kidding? I am the apprentice.

It is going to be scorchio today so I suspect a trip to the Co-Op for beer will be the next thing on my agenda. I have a shepherds pie for supper, it's not pie weather either so I'll possibly settle for more beer. Perhaps not as I am going to the horses tomorrow and in Scotland the drink/drive limit is stupid low. Just my luck to get stopped by the polis for driving about and get bagged as well.

Have a great weekend.

Almost forgot.....Here's one for Graham.


  1. Are you intending to make a smaller second sprocket to go with it and link the two in perpetual motion with the chain? I do like the very splendid sprocket as it is of course. I do hope Graham likes his poster. Cummings and his wife and son are welcome to take refuge here on the grounds of movement during lockdown for exceptional circumstances but they can't get past Lady Nugent who is leading the mob outside their front door.

    1. It would take a full division of troops to circumvent Lady Nugget. The very thought is frightening. It would take a tele-loader to shift her if she fell over. Supercilious fat twat that she is.
      Cummings has always struck me as a little strange but he gets the job done so has my support.
      I was thinking of three sprockets but doubt I will get much further. Once I have worked out how to do something I lose interest.
      I have an old BSA Starfire engine to play with but haven't decided what to do with it yet.

  2. I don't know what it is or what it is for and I am not a Cummings supporter . . . but whatever it is it is very beautiful and 'sprocket' is a lovely word.

    1. I suspect that Cummings would be hard to get on with but he seems to get the job done.