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Monday 25 May 2020


I enjoy modelling in Blender and have decided to create an animated machine on the lines of the Heath Robinson silliness. It will be something yet to be decided driven by a chain like the links in the last post. I need a few chain sprockets and that  is harder than I thought it would be. I'm getting there slowly.
I got halfway there yesterday afternoon but the Boolean operation kept failing. This didn't come as a surprise as Booleans are a bit hit and miss.
The third attempt and apart from the hooked edges on the transverse indents it is fine. 
No it isn't, it missed two and failed to pop an inside on the third. Rubbish.

Earlier today I half cracked it. 

This isn't too shabby but the file size is very silly-95MB a flapping flag coloured in and with the sky behind it animated is only 15/20MB. I would try decimating the mesh but it really doesn't look too bad, all the normals are pointing out so the shading is good, I'll check but I'm pretty sure that I've applied all the modifiers; if there are more than ten I could have missed one or two as I run out of adding up digits. I'll come back to it and see where I've cuckooed. I would also like it with an inset middle/thicker rim but it definitely is having non of that malarkey. This is produced with a cylinder and the indents for the chain are just a filled in chain link.
A filled in link. I'm getting there slowly. I'll try making it in FreeCAD and importing it to Blender for the physics animation if I ever get that far. It is all good clean fun.


  1. 3D animation is not easy and takes a lot of practice. You are doing more in Blender then I could ever dream of.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. Mersad, it is much like Photoshop. I still take pictures but I seem to have most of the images I want. I have never understood people that were happy with using a camera on auto. Blender has it's problems but the alternatives are ridiculously expensive. I enjoy playing in it.