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Thursday, 14 May 2020


It's been a good day so far. First thing I resurrected the smoke simulator, I then took the dogs out for a wander. Whilst eating breakfast I noticed a Gold Crest, I haven't got a picture of one so after popping the 400mm lens on the camera, rolling a few cigarettes and locating my fold up chair I went and sat in the sun to wait it's return. I saw it twice but it was far too fast for me. It's only a tiny little thing but by god it can flit about at supersonic speed. What is really amazing is that it never seems to bump into twigs and stuff.
I have never been able to tolerate not being able to sort things. A couple of days ago I was considering sending the virtual smoke to the failed projects care home to die and be forgotten. I decided to have another go.
Things were little better, possibly worse. I had quite a long list of messages for folk so with my tail between my legs I sallied forth to the Co-Op.
Upon my return I decided to give it another coat of looking at and BINGO. Not good but not a total mess.
Far from perfect but this will make a video and it isn't taking stupid amounts of time to bake.
I'll play with the lighting and try and reduce the banding on the left by calculating more sub-steps. The danger is it will stop the machine if I'm not careful.
That's all for now.


  1. Good to know the dogs are enjoying their time outside. I hope the rendering won't kill your machine. It's always a bust when you have to render stuff out. Take care.

    1. Mersad, dogs are fine but do need a haircut. Rendering with EEVEE is fine and generally more than good enough for YouTube. It's baking the fluid simulations that takes the time. About a minute a frame for this smoke.